Nov 17

Rubber Soul's Guide to Everything! (Frequently Updated.) (Okay maybe not that frequently...)

How to Ask for Help in Seven Easy Steps:
1) "Can"
2) "You"
3) "Please"
4) "Help"
5) "Me"
6) "With"
7) "This?"

How to be Annoyed in Seven Easy Steps:
1) Go to number 3
2) Go to number 5
3) Go to number 7
4) Go to number 6
5) Go to number 1
6) Go to number 2
7) Go to number 4

How to Count to Seven in Seven Easy Steps

How to Do Work in Seven Easy Steps
(See 'How to Ask for Help in Seven Easy Steps.')  

How to Hear Good Music in Seven Easy Steps
Oct 25

Flames (A haiku.)

Oct 10

My Starlight Lover

My starlight,
I tried to catch you
In the palms of my hands,
But the light fell through
My fingers,
Leaving a reflection
That was not you, so I
Let it go.
I tried to pull you
Into my arms, love,
But I could not reach you.
My starlight,
Why do you leave me alone
To ponder on why you do so?
My starlight,
Will this all never end?
I tried to take a sip
Of your starlight,
But the light just played on my face,
Much like the reflection
That I couldn't feel.
Please, my love, come back down
From your star, for
There is an aching emptiness
In my heart
That can only be filled
By your warm light,
My starlight lover.  
Sep 29

Sea of Words

Words engulf my entire being,
Washing away whatever unpleasant thought
That had crept into my mind.
The words refresh me, like a splash of cool water,
Or, more like, a wave in the sea,
It's impact nearly knocking me over
To be engulfed in more words.
The waves get into my eyes,
Making it appear as if I am sad,
But the tears are just the tears of words,
Wetting my eyes with their ocean spray.
The sea of words will never cease to fill my heart with joy,
And marvel in the impact that every wave will bring.    

Sep 24

Songs that Make Me Sad. (The Happy Kind of Sad.)

'Sad' is a relatively unenjoyable feeling. But it doesn't have to be. Sometimes, the feeling can make you feel more human, such as when you're watching a sad movie, or reading a sad story, or, in this case, listening to a sad song.
Sometimes, you don't know why a certain song will make you feel 'sad.' But these are some songs that take away the numb feeling, and replace it with the happy kind of sad.        

Wild World by Cat Stevens;
Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles;
Imagine by John Lennon;
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd;
The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles;
Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd;
Wish You were Here by Pink Floyd;
The End by The Beatles;
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles;
Father and Son by Cat Stevens;
Rocket Man by Elton John;
Tiny Dancer by Elton John;
Sep 17

Love will be Love

Sep 17

The Things You Shouldn't Have Said

You shouldn't have said that.
And yet you did.
It should make me feel uncomfortable.
And, though it does,
I can't help but smile
When you continue to say things like it.
But it is a nervous smile.
One that holds little happiness,
And much guilt.
And yet, when we great each other,
I great you with an innocent grin,
While you continue to say 
The things you shouldn't have said.  
Sep 15

Just like a test

I'll fill you out
Just like a test
Exhaling problems
To your chest.
I'll let you know 
What I have planned
So you will bow
And I will stand.
I'll fill your heart
Then take it all
I'll watch you burn
And make you fall.
So you will know,
So you will see:
You live for them
But die for me.  
Sep 09

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces
Raining down
Watch my cry
And watch me drown.
Crumbling inward
Smiling still
The smile's fake
The crumbling's real.
It's inside
And spreading quick
My mind is dark
My words are thick;
Thick with blood
That is my own
In which I hide
Behind the stone.
The stone's my face;
It is my mask
My smile's made
Of stone or glass.
I squint my eyes
I see the rain
I close them shut
I feel my pain.  


Sep 01

Something Different

Something different
Within your eyes
When you laugh
And when you cry
It sounds like a record
Playing back
Or a brittle piece of wood
That is ready to crack.
Something different
Beneath the smiles
Something hidden
Something vile
Like bitter wind
Outside the room
Like looking up
Without the moon.
Something different
I have to know
It feels like digging
Through the snow
But though the cold
May chill me through 
I'll find out what is different
About you.