Aug 21


Heart is pleading
Soul is bleeding
Eyes are raining.
Stomach clenching
Insides wrenching
Hear the thunder.
Pull it ready
Sharpened, deadly
You've killed a sparrow.     
Aug 20


The leaves
Stop rustling
As they begin
The bittersweet song
Called silence,
And you feel
The way
It echoes
Within itself
Into your mind.
The birds
Cease to sing
As they wait
For the moment
That will end you
For you shall
End yourself.
The silence
Is singing
Finding it's way
Into your soul
And around
The knife
You are holding
In your hand
As you tremble
Within silence,
The silence
That has begun
To consume you.
The silence,
Which is
Making you
Think about
What you are
About to do,
Though to think
Is not
Wat is wanted.
You cannot do this.
You begin to cry  
As you put
The knife down.
The silence
Has saved you
From yourself. 

Aug 18

Ode to Dreams

Now we meet
We give our names
Talk and realize
We're the same.
Months and months
Have now gone by
I start to think of you
And sigh.

Soon comes love
For all our days
And in a beach house
We do stay.
We walk together
Holding hands
Leaving footprints
In the sand.

We put our feet
Into the waves
For now we think
Of younger days.
Brightened sunset
Over the sea
Lights up your blond hair
And makes it look streaked.

You and I
Now growing old
Skin all wrinkled
Hands are cold.
But if you rest
Your hand in mine
We'll feel the warmth
Time after time.

Now we feel
Our time will end
We feel content
As lovers and friends.
Lying here 
We close our eyes
To sleep forever
For most things die.
* * *
What a life
To have with you
But still I know
It won't be true.
Aug 17

The words we hear

We never listen
To the words we hear
Shouting out
Our every fear
We're not apart
Yet we're never near
There's a black hole
Counting up our tears.

"Remember the pain
And raise your glass
Kiss the snow
But look for the grass"
They all speak these words
And yet they don't know
The twinge of our pain
And the cold of our snow.

Breaths are scarce
Yet we don't fall apart
Watching as
The stars depart
Falling in love 
With a broken heart
You've begun
And yet
You're yet to start.

We might have strength
But we're not strong
So give me speech
In which I long
Make your soft words
Like a broken song
So I can speak
And sing along.

We never listen
To the words we hear
Shouting out
Our every fear
We're not apart
Though we're never near
But through this all,
Aug 16


They say not to judge
And that all have a chance
They say not to rank them 
Without giving them
A second glance
But now, I am sorry
For this I have to do:
If you judge me
By this rainbow
I will start judging you.  
Aug 16

A Shakespearean Dance

Come and play
The dancing notes
Singing with the melody.
Hum and sway
'Till thoughts provoked
Begin to block out felony.
Words like bubbles
Flying high
Far above Shakespearean worlds.
Watch the couples
Dance, and eye
The lady's lovely skirts that twirl.
Come and play
Your singing lute
Come and give your brightest song.
Let me taste the sweet, sweet fruit
Of the music
That can do no wrong.
Aug 16

How do you think I should feel?

You have been holding
The ropes of my mind
You can be nice
So why can't you be kind?
You're all for talking
But you never say a thing
Why can't you see
All the pain that you bring?
Pain like a wave
And the wave like a wheel
Tell me now
How do you think I should feel?
You push me from you
Then pull me away
From anyone else
Who might love me someday
So now I'm leaving
For forever or more
I'll put you away
And I'll lock up the door
I'm stopping the wave
And I'm stopping the wheel
'Cause nobody ever
Tells me how to feel.      
Aug 11


Help me
I'm falling
My feet
Have just slipped
I need you
To catch me
With a whisper
Or kiss
I've just
Lost my footing
For my love
Has just grown
So help me
I've fallen
For I'm not alone.

Aug 10

The Wrong Key

Aug 10


At this moment
I hold you tight
Wishing you
Could end the fight
Between myself
And what I feel
Because nothing else
But you is real.

At this moment
I don't want to end
Though you think
I'm just a friend
I wouldn't care 
What others think
Even if we both
Will sink.

At this moment
As I let go
I wish so dearly
I could throw
My arms around you
Once again
Though our last embrace
Had just a moment's end.