Mar 09
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Arguing In The Car With My Brother

Jan 30
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Beams of Hope

Light filters through
the blinds
as I watch in awe
the golden shafts
a swirling vortex
of dust
that slowly floats
past me.
The sunbeams bathe my face in warmth
and now my skin is illuminated
the color of fall leaves,
their faces brightened with shining beams.  
I know I should look away
but I can't
I crave the light
I crave the hope and the sun,
the sun brings that hope like a sudden unexpected suprise
full of 
Jan 26
poem 2 comments challenge: Hometown
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This is my Home

Jan 26
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Summer Nights

Summer Nights
Summer nights hold beauty and wonder.  If you go out on a summer night, let the dewy grass tickle your feet, and the wind tousle your hair.  Look up to the sky.  Cup the stars in your hands and let them whisper their secrets in your ear.  Then let them go, one by one, like fireflies flickering in the dark.  Then collect the silvery moonbeams in a jar and hold them close.  When the time is right, and the crickets sing,drink.  Savor every last drop of the magic of night.  Then feel love surging through you, and spread the warmth.  As the sun peeks over the horizon, curl up on the soft grass, the blanket of Earth wrapped warmly around you.
Jan 26
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Jan 26
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Jan 26
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Out my window
Balloons float above the harbor, rising slowly
I watch
as the craft, seeming to burst through the clouds
I run fast,
through the door,
my feet leaving marks 
in the soft, pure sand.
I reach
the harbor
and it waits for me

The balloon fights
the ropes holding it down to Earth.
I climb in
and we rise
above the town 
above the ocean
above the world
and I watch from 
the clouds
at the map
laid out
before me.