May 12
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Teenage Realization

Every day is filled with learning right? The dinner table with my parents at night almost always consists of my mom asking, “What did you learn today?” She is a teacher and is naturally curious about my schooling. Meanwhile, I am an average teenage boy and not interested in long conversation with my parents about anything. Many times I shrug and say something like, “The usual.” My mind pretends to search for an actual answer, but I can never get past my teenage mind block.
Mar 17
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Unfortunate Thoughts

     It was a long night racing along dirt roads through the fields of crickets, lightning bugs, and long grass, the headlights of the old, baby - blue, Ford pickup bouncing up and down reflecting off the the occasional sign or metal gate, red tail lights illuminating the dust being kicked up by the balding tires. There I sat in the driver's seat, hands sweating on the sticky steering wheel, my baseball cap bouncing up and down along the potholes. REO Speedwagon was blaring on the radio. I remember because it was my dad’s favorite. The tape had not been changed since he had passed away on a night like this a year ago.
Feb 11
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The Beauty of Fall