Dec 03

Winter snowman

Dec 02

Fat cat grafix

Nov 24

Utopia unknown

Ok, so... This is kind of out there:)
It is unfinished, but I'm playing around with different editing tools, and I kind of just came up with this!

Thanks to laurenm for teaching some wonderful new editing techniques in her online workshop! 
Nov 08

Minuscule insect

Nov 08

Silent Anemone

Nov 04


Nov 02

Ten percent

I am panting, 
my breath coming heavily,
weighing down my chest,
collapsing my conscience.
My heart thuds, thuds, thuds,
the rhythmic materiality,
the only thread of reality,
left in this spinning eclipse.
All conception slips away,
abstract thought left in disarray,
indistinct shapes become my visualization,
slowly clearing to become a notion.
A triangle forms into rememberance,
pounding, slamming, smashing into sense,
edges clear and sharp,
my grasp decays.
Now fast is the repetition of life,
beating to the rate of a 2020 pop song,
unobtrusive in my racing mind,
a dull hum sounds the reason
of my current existence.
I strain to see,
to hear,
that singular triangle.

My mind renders an image.

Bright in the leaden, unlit room,
my iPhone 6s shines.

The time: 5:13 AM, Nov 4.

Black, against a stark white background,
Oct 30


Oct 30

Figure work in progress!

Oct 29