Jun 09


May 30

As silent rings the power of thought, we endure

Acrylic paint on canvas, 18" x 24"

I painted this back in January, and have been debating whether to post it ever since.

I wanted to say that, I may not have dark or different skin, I may not understand exactly what it means to have that as something people judge on, I may even be part of a stereotypical whole called "white", but I don't consider myself to be "white", I never have; because after all, race is just a made up word that holds no scientifical meaning - only the despicable past and present we have piled on it. And being human is what matters to me. I don't care what your skin color is, everyone deserves equality and justice, and by all means, I hear you, I see you, and I stand with you.  #BLM #Women's power 
May 30


Another in-process sculpture. The small one is a maquette, wire frame with oil based clay exterior, and the large 2.5 scaled one is wire frame, stuffed with newspaper, wrapped in tape, and soon to be plastered- I started the plaster but will update when it is finished.
May 30

Cast of hand

May 30

Yin yang

Apr 30


Mar 09


Feb 25

Barred owl 2

Feb 25

Barred owl