Oct 15
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I'll Catch You When You Fall

There will always be that one person.
The one who is dying inside,
Who would do anything for a crutch,
A person to lean on,
Cry on,
Live off of. 

Then there are those people 
The ones that would do anything 
To be your crutch,
To be the one you lean on, 
cry on,
and live off of.
Live for

You are the latter.

I am weak,

You are strong,


But now the tables have been turned
and you are hurting.

I should be lost.

I should be falling.

But instead I am found
and climbing.

Did you know that when one goose in a flock falls,
one or two other geese will fly with it and stay
right by her side. 

Until she is healed and better.

I will be your goose.

I will fall with you 
and help you up.
Mar 03
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Whenever I look at that white shadow box,
I remember.
And I wonder,
if maybe I shouldn't have stopped.

The ribbons that are encased, 
five firsts,
four seconds,
two thirds,
and two fourths.
They tell a story.
Where I began,
and where I...ended. 

It was at night when I decided.
I was lying in bed,
And I thought,
middle school.
Middle school.
Middle school.
It's hard to believe, so long ago,
that I was worried.

But I realized,
or so I thought,
that I wouldn't have time.
That I would have too much homework.
Too many distractions. 

And the next morning,
when I explained.
I was embarassed.
For some reason,
a reason I can't explain. 

But that year,
for my birthday,
I still recieved that white shadowbox.
The one with all of my 
horseback riding ribbons.

And now,

Feb 18
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Sometimes I stare into the dark,
my sheets protecting me from you.
Sometimes, when I feel small and alone, 
you try to find me.
But I've grown to understand the difference between lonely and alone.
Sometimes, when they say to 
'just try it',
and my head is pounding,
you leak into my thoughts.
Sometimes, when I finally get away from you, 
they tell me not to let you bother me.
And then you do.
But trust me, fear.
Sometimes, I feel so strong,
like I can tackle the world.
Sometimes, hope and joy 
can control your evil ways.
Sometimes, I forget about you. 
And you will never beat me. 
Feb 09
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Ocean Breath

I know it's early.
You don't need to tell me.
I know there's no one here.
I am aware that there is no lifegaurd, 
and that we should go back to the house.
But that would be a silly thing to do,
when you are standing on the edge of a country,
at five am. 
I'm blocking your annoyed voice out,
and listening to the waves lapping over one another, pulling in and out,
in such a messy and imperfect way,
that it becomes beautiful and nothing but perfect. 
A sliver of the rising sun twinkles
over the water, and becomes so blinding,
I should probably look away.
But I don't, because I can't see this every day. 
The waves roll in and out,
as if the ocean were breathing.
It lures me in.
I push my bare feet forward,
and feel the sand squirm between my toes. 
A seagull flies over my head, 
beckoning me to follow. 
But I can't,
so I say "Good morning!" instead. 
Feb 08
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Pick and Choose

I watch as my little sister waddles over to the table, and pulls out a chair next to me.
I pretend to be too wrapped up in spreading cream cheese on my bagel to notice her.
She carries a bowl of Lucky Charms.
When she sits, I realize they are dry. Again.
She likes to eat them without milk, she says. 
The reason is quite obvious. 
I watch as she dips her spoon into the bowl.
She swivels it around for a little while, and I know what she's doing.
When she pulls it up to her lips, it's full of colorful marshmallows.
Just marshmallows.
None of the actual cereal part.
I let out a sigh. 
"That's not breakfast," I tell her.
She shrugs, and continues to pick out the marshmallows.
When she stands up and pushes her chair in, the bowl is still pretty much all the way full.
Of cereal. 
No marshmallows are left. 
She forgets to take her bowl to the sink. 
So I take it and eat what's left. 
Feb 08
fiction 2 comments challenge: Day
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Alexandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Feb 05
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I turned the corner abruptly. My feet couldn't stop moving. I just couldn't take her anymore. 

"Hope! Wait! Where are you going?" 

I sighed angrily and stopped. "What? What do you want now?"

People just kept walking right by us, as if two teenage girls screaming at each other was normal for them. I geuss in New York City no one has time to break up an agrument like this one. It's just... this isn't normal for us. Faith and I aren't supposed to fight like this. 

"I just...I'm sorry, okay? I had to!" Her eyes were getting shiny. And I really didn't want her to start crying in public. 

"Faith! Calm yourself! Okay? I just can't believe you had to go and do this! You ruin everything!" I could feel my voice rising.

Feb 05
essay 2 comments challenge: Beauty
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Real Beauty

Beauty. Something everyone wants, something everyone tells themselves they don't have. Except, whether we realize it or not, we are all born with it. Everyone has their own versions of it, what they think it is. And everyone's ideas have one thing in common: appearance. Why does everyone think that what we look like matters? It doesn't. Not at all. And it's not even merely related to real beauty. 

Real beauty is our talents. It's the things we spend hours working at, so that we can show everyone what we are really made of. The passion we put forward is impressive, and the end result is more than beautiful. Those things become part of us. And to me, that is real beauty.
Feb 05
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Me and The Bus Stop: A Love/Hate Relationship

One of my closest friends lives around the corner from my house. So when the time comes every morning for us to walk to the bus stop, we can go together. I'll start off alone, and pick her up along the way. The section of my walk that I have alone, I try to use to my advantage. I hum to myself, settling any nerves for upcoming tests or reports. But it really all depends on the weather, and that will determine my mood. 
Feb 04
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My Fake Soul

Gosh, being popular is hard. Especially when you're me. When you have two different lives. When you tell people at school that you are amazing at sports. When you come out seeming powerful and cruel. But then you come home to a farm, and you get up on your horse and ride for hours. And you care about everyone and everything. They all think I'm this uber pretty girl that is at the tippy top of the popularity ladder, and I play softball, basketball, run track, you name it, I play it. Except I "play" on teams a few hours away, where "my parent's grew up". So no one actually has any proof that this is true. But they all believe me anyway. They know that if they don't, they'll get it.