Nov 29


Even through the cracks between the branches of the oak tree there exists a sunset.

But I hate endings more than anything,
so don’t let this last moment end.
Keep my core enforced with gravity
and the pieces of me together
and not spilling out until I turn red with blood and gore.

When a tree branch splinters it looks like an explosion of daggers
ready to cut open the truth
and give a deposition.
The labyrinth of roots beneath it is redirected from the ground
ready to strangle the perpetrator.
It can’t be controlled.

So release.

Jul 11

Restart (Letter from the Moon)

It’s hard for me to breathe up here on the moon, but I’d use my dying breath to finish writing this letter to you.

Ever since you left me for Earth, I haven’t been able to focus on my eating or my sleeping. All I can think about is how isolated and lonely it is up here on this cold, dark rock. There’s nothing to do, and only so much to see out there in the void. It’s driving me to the point of insanity. I used to daydream about the life we could have made up here on our own little world, outside the bubble of everyone else’s, but now I don’t feel anything. I feel like nothing but another hopeless romantic who’s slowly drifting further and further from reality. At this rate I’ll be on Mars by next week!
Jun 16

Free from Love

How can it touch me so deeply
beneath the surface
when all I’ve ever done is dreamt of the way you feel my skin?

But you whisper softly into my ear
careless rambles about the doves
in the cage of your heart
without an ounce of asperity to your melodious tone.

Please don’t shackle yourself to my thoughts.
Just leave me free of your hypnotic aura.
Set me apart from the others, my angel.
Jun 05

Being of Harmony

Being of Harmony
With your silver-clad arms
Won't you hold the children of the Earth so close
and listen to the sounds they make?
The angels with their melodies of hope
The hissing tongues of the wicked and the vile
The muted screams of those tortured by the systems
and the cheers of the heroes who've won the longest battles
Won't you silence them all with your glorified presence?

Being of Harmony
Why do you conceal yourself in a cloak of nightmares?
Why won't you come out and dance in the sun?
The party is so tumultuous when you're not around

Being of Harmony
Why aren't you here when we need you the most?​
May 11


It’s the only thing that can let you stand your ground against 10 million people who stand up in direct opposition to what you preach.
It’s the only thing that lets you spit vulgar words out of your disheveled and untamed mouth and not be dethroned from your chair of fool's gold.
It keeps you from burning to a crisp in the blazing fire you set upon everything I believe in.
It blinds you and keeps you from seeing the institutions that provide for the wellbeing of all crumble from the bombs you hurl at them.
It blocks your ears, deafening them to the screams for help from the sick
the needy,
the old,
the young,
the left,
the right,
and the ones who need help the most.
This isn’t a game, sir.
Apr 05


    Because I was young and I was innocent, the wonders of the world made me dizzy and clouded my perception. But with the ripeness of age I have discovered that I’m no bigger than a songbird trapped in ca ge with a lot of other songbirds. Maybe even more than seven billion other songbirds. And the only way to fly free from the cage is to sing my melody louder than the rest. Only then will I be lifted from my perch and set free. So listen to me sing. 
Mar 26


I guess where I am in life at this point is at a station. Lets call this station platform A.  Here at platform A is a sea of faces, all of which blur past me with one face being indistinguishable from the next. I hope that you can see that it’s quite easy for one to feel like they are drowning when it takes so much energy to stay afloat. But as I’m standing here at terminal A I scan my surroundings until my gaze meets yours. I see you standing at platform B, with a look in your eye unlike any other I’ve known. All of the sudden I want to throw myself across these tracks and take every piece of you into my arms.
Mar 20

Last Dumb Love Poem

A head full of butterscotch dreams keeps me from the lull of sleep.
I’d rather not dream than see these mirages of a love that will never be,
with love itself being the reason that they daze and confuse me.

Oh how love burns.
It burns deeper than the fires of the most cavernous hell.
Deeper than the thought of nothing past the stars,
no heartbeats,
no bloodstreams,
no one to tell you how much they need you with them.

Imagine, a rot begins in the aorta
and it moves throughout the whole body,
pulsing through veins
until there’s nothing left but a hollow shell.
Shallow skin sinks.
Eyes roll from their sockets.
The tongue becomes bluer than even the ripest of berries.
Imagine an energy that burns with a toxic fog,
paralyzing everything in a matter of seconds
and flowing to the ends of the earth.
Love is stronger still.

Mar 07


A love which pulls me under the surface.
Reflecting radiant moonbeams
and guiding us over the mountains.

We come across a waterfall
and my heart and head become one.
They lead us across
on smooth grey stones.
These are our hopes.

Soon, my love, we will settle,
and all will be well.
Our love will constellate the bleak night sky.
Feb 27

Sunset Ceiling

It’s as if I wanted to love you
but I committed a tergiversation
and the walls of my castle fell down.
Because you told me it wouldn’t work out,
that it would all be for nothing.

Now I’m here to tell you
that this perfervid love won’t fall apart
but rather stand strong and bright
as a sunset appears to an artist.

Nothing said will end my passion
but instead will build me up higher and stronger
until my head scrapes the clouds
and our hands link like a chain once more.

I saw an airplane fly across the sunset ceiling last night
and it made me think of you.
You both left for something more beautiful
leaving me with nothing but a mind full of parched dreams.