Feb 27
poem 1 comment challenge: Fortune
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Make a Wish, It Might Come True

“Make a wish, it might come true.”
Dream a dream, it could turn real.
If you wait, I half-promise you,
It’s possible you’ll get a good deal.

Because if you trust and you believe,
I can say that maybe
This far off thing that you conceive
Could, perhaps, one day, be.

Do you want to attain
Your absolute wildest dreams?
But only without any strain,
Or going to any extremes?

All you need is to stay positive,
Optimistic with all of your heart.
There’s no need to be positive
That it won’t all fall apart.

Because, of course, I can’t guarantee
That this wishing will be a success.
But if you try to forget your reality,
It’ll probably work! (I guess!)
Feb 18
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Lost Bag

Someone lost their bag.
It fell off of the carrier
That makes its way
Throughout the airport lot.
It sits now, sadly on its side,
Unaware of its position.
What could be inside it?
So many possibilities.
A stuffed bear? A pair of boots?
Blueprints for a secret base?
Maybe just some folded clothes.

I wonder if they’ll find it,
If the carrier comes back.
How long will its owner wait
At the conveyor belt
Before they give up,
Go home?
Are they even going home at all?

On a flight to somewhere:
A child without a toy,
Or grown man with wet feet.
A spy with a big problem,
Or woman with nothing to wear.
I don’t know who it was,
But someone lost their bag.
Feb 18
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am
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I am the one who wants to understand.
I want to know what there is to know.
I want to reach out my arms,
Spread them wide, and feel the wind.
I want to let the words flow
And sparkle on the page,
Or let them tumble from my mouth,
Crafted effortlessly into perfect prose.
I want to be inspired,
I want to comprehend the nuances of life,
The arcs and connections and meanings.
To know the way the stars paint the sky,
Why poems and songs can be so breathtaking,
How my life is so small, yet so large.
To know all this, if only just for a moment.
Even if I forget it again.
I want the world to shrink
To the size of an apple
So I can examine it at my leisure,
And understand its depths exactly.
I want it to grow, so very large,
So that each blade of grass
Towers high overhead,
And I see everything within;
From the smallest living things
Jan 07
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Used To

I used to run.
I used to run so fast that the world blurred around me, the wind tangled my hair, the soles of my cleats barely making contact with the grass as I pumped my legs to take me farther, faster; towards the ball, towards the goal.
I loved to run. My long legs were an advantage here, my daily shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers ideal for the pastime. Although I never mastered many of the other skills of the sport, I could usually count on leaving most opponents (and teammates) in the dust.
I feel it now, the hot air of the games, the sweaty pinnies and bright faces framed by ponytails of different shades. The huddle, the cheers, the too-hot water bottles and too-messy oranges. The excitement of the tournaments filling us all with a united purpose.
Jan 06
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I think that maybe we were too similar;
That’s what did us in.
Or maybe that’s just the writer in me,
Looking for patterns,
Inventing reasons,
Finding deeper meaning where there is none.

Maybe there was no fatal flaw
That tore us apart.
Maybe fate didn’t gaze upon us
And decree our fractures,
Long before we even began to crack.

Maybe it was us.
Maybe it was life.
Maybe in another world,
Another time,
Another place,
If everything had just happened a little sooner,
A little slower,
A little bit to the left—
Everything would have worked out.
Maybe, in another universe, it did.

I don’t know if this is a comfort to me.
It might just be easier to blame some unknown force for every failing;
Some higher power at play,
Tinkering with our lives.
It’s harder to accept that some things are random, meaningless,
Dec 30
poem 0 comments challenge: I Like
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A List of Likes and a Dislike

What do I like? A lot of things,
Tons of different activities.
Photography, chicken wings,
Holiday festivities.
I like dancing, drawing,
And petting my cat, white as snow.
I like jungle gyms, seesawing,
And eating cookie dough.
I enjoy music of all kinds;
Also butterflies, and trees.
Dressing up, right to the nines,
Dinosaurs, goat cheese!
Bunny rabbits; balls of fluff,
Mysteries with twists.
Of cloud watching I can’t get enough.
What I don’t like? Writing lists.
Dec 30
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Expectations of Next Year

New year, new me. This time I’ll be better,
Every second free of mopin’.
eXpect perfection to the letter,  
There’s not a door I won’t hold open.

You can bet I’ll avoid fighting,
Eat my veggies all the time.
And I’ll branch out in my writing—
Refrain from acrostic poems that rhyme!
Dec 30
poem 1 comment challenge: Contrast
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The road before me looks forbidding,
although there could still be a way to prevail.
Oh, come on, who am I kidding?
Stop it. I will not fail.

I’ve tried and tried for so very long—
Then I’ll try and try for longer.
I’ve lost so many who came along—  
And with each loss I’m getting stronger.

This journey ahead seems to have no ending,
but each step I’ll take with pride.
And if I never reach that conclusion impending?
Then at least I can say I’ve tried.

It seems that there’s no way to win,
although I’m learning how to cope.
I should face it; just give up, give in.
But I won’t— I still have hope.
Dec 26
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Evelyn, My Kitten

Eyes, a wonder to look at.
Very sweet, profound, and kind.
Everyone always tells me that
Love, like you, is blind.
Yes, then, I know you’re just a cat.
No, that doesn’t change my mind.

My favorite source of solace:
Your purr, so deep and mellow.

Know what? I feel flawless
In your eyes of green and yellow.
There is no one remaining aweless
That has ever been your fellow.
Evelyn, my darling cat who lacks her sight,
Nothing in this world compares to you or your bright light.
Dec 22
poem 2 comments challenge: Love
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The Reasonable Amount

I lo—l— like you. I really do.
Not too much, though.
The reasonable amount.
Enough that when I see you,
My heart flutters for a second.
But it doesn’t perform a dance routine,
Lively and rhythmic against my ribcage,
A beat that doesn’t stop until you’re out of sight.
And often, not even then.

I’m fond of you—
But not excessively.
Enough that I think of you
When something reminds me to,
But everything will not take on
The sole meaning of you, you, you.
Every song on the radio does not
Bring to mind the image of your eyes,
Your smile, your hair, your sparkling laugh.

I care about you—
But not more than I should.
Enough that when we’re together,
I enjoy your company quite a bit.
But not so much
That when you leave
The colors of the world seem to fade,
And I am left wondering
Why I ever let you go.

Because I think I l—