Jun 24
poem 1 comment challenge: Beach
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At the Beach

Breathing deep, I hear the seagulls squawk
Endlessly the waves upon the shore are crashing
A melody of voices rise out from past the dock
Children play in the sea, tumbling, laughing, splashing
Here, at the beach, the calm water stops the clock.
Jun 23
poem 3 comments challenge: Cliche
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An Ax to Grind with Cliches

Okay, let’s dive into this headfirst.
Here’s a word to the wise:
Leave cliches out of your writing; they’re the worst.
Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.

I hate to burst your bubble,
But I think I got here in the nick of time.
You’re up to your ears in trouble
Your cliches are a dozen a dime.

Every time I see one,
It sends a shiver down my spine.
They’re always the same, been there, that’s done,
Where do we draw the line?

I hope by now you’ve seen the light.
You can stop this, you live and you learn.
Think twice before the next time you write,
“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

They have no meaning anymore,
They’re just over-used and vague.
Cliches are clear as mud, a bore,
Please, avoid them like the plague.

Published In: The Voice
Published On: 06/30/2017
Jun 04
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What Comes Next?

I want to stop and take a break
Won’t it still be here when I wake?
But there’s this urgency that I can’t shake, can’t quell
I don’t know if we’re improving,
It’s slow going, but at least we’re moving,
And we’re doing what we can, as far as I can tell
A step forward’s a step back
We’re never getting back on track
If there even is a track to trek at all
And I’m getting sick of this
We’re much too close to the abyss
And if we miss even a single step we’ll fall

I don’t know how far I’ve traveled
But I’ve felt my dreams unravel
And the gravel ‘neath my feet has got me slowed
Are we getting closer to the end?
Is it just round the next bend?
Or will we spend our whole lives on this road?
And every night I turn and toss
I can’t move around it, and I can’t jump across
But I’ve still got so much to cross off on my list
I’ve spent my whole life looking for more
Apr 27
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Never Just Write What You Know

They say to just write what you know,
But this is a recipe for disaster.
If you play it safe, you’ll never grow,
And this fine art you’ll never master.
Never left town? Never explored?
This doesn’t have to influence your creation.
Your audience will just grow bored
If you can’t use your imagination.
So what if you’ve never seen a giant,
Or stroked a unicorn’s delicate pelt?
There’s no need to remain reliant
On only that which you’ve seen, heard, or felt.
Write what you know? What poppycock!
If we all did just that, there would be no need
To adventure out past our own block,
We’d never get any farther, nor succeed.
If you don’t know much now,
Get out there, don’t just yearn,
Experience the world, you know how,
Then come back, and write what you’ve learned.
Apr 25
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“Taking Mankind to New Heights”

Buy a flying car, they said. It’s the future, the very latest gizmo,
Mankind’s masterpiece, they said.
Well, let me tell you something. Save yourself some dough,
And buy a bike instead.

The GPS system’s just there to confuse,
Street signs? Absolutely nada!
It guides you through clouds, not avenues
Be careful you don’t end up in Nevada…

And don’t get me started on traffic.
Birds, bugs, bats, planes, kites?
God, who was their demographic?
“Taking Mankind to New Heights.”

Kids with a fresh new permit
Love cruising too low over trees
Really, I think the sky is unfit
To hold anything but seagulls and bees.

And while, yes, it’s better for the environment,
The battery life will only take you so far.
I think we’re still far from enlightenment
Who thought it’d be a good idea to make a flying car?
Mar 27
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Crashing Down

No one enjoys admitting their mistakes. You’d rather suffer silently than acknowledge your assumptions were wrong. It’s better to smile and pass off your disappointment as something else; hide that sinking in your stomach, the drooping corners of your mouth. If someone realizes your dissatisfaction, brings it out into the light, the dark, ugly mass comes into sharp focus. There’s no way to pretend your expectations were lower, or your communications completely understood. Those assumptions and leaps you created so carelessly come crashing down around you. The rubble collecting silently in piles. But a smile can usually hide it— A few casual words of agreement mask your dismay. You continue down that new path, different than you imagined, forcing the lost hopes and beliefs back down to where they came from. You hide them among those others, so long gone that you can’t make out what dreams they once represented.
Mar 24
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Family Connections

I just got off the phone with my two grandparents. We don’t talk often, so it was a nice surprise to hear from them.
Out of the blue, my mom knocked on my door and handed me the phone. I answered.
From the other end, my grandpa responded with, “We saw your article, and we’d love to talk about our family names!”
Now, they were referring to the writing piece I did for YWP that had been published in my local paper. It was titled Name #2,432, and welcomed a baby to earth while discussing the importance (or unimportance?) of names. And my grandparents had a lot to say on the subject. How they wanted their children’s names simple, easy to pronounce, without strange spellings; Anne, Matthew, Tom. How my great-grandfather had wanted a son called James, so when my grandma arrived, she was named Jamie. We talked for a while; they were full of anecdotes and interesting facts about our family’s nominal traditions.
Mar 19
poem 2 comments challenge: Green
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Green Green Green

Grass that sways in the breeze,
Ripe fruit, or leaves from the trees,
Emerald forests,
Earthly bouquets from florists,
Nothing compares to all these.

Gardens through which to run,  
Roy G. Biv’s middle initial.  
Enchanting meadows with sun,  
Excellent, let’s make it official:  
Nature’s hue can’t be outdone.   

Gold lovers constantly preen,
Red should just stay unseen,  
Eggshell seems far too unclean,  
Electric blue’s tint is obscene!
Nothing, nothing, looks better than green.
Mar 14
poem 5 comments challenge: Letter
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Sonnet for Someone I Have Yet to Meet

Throughout my life, there’s been a gaping hole,
something missing, although I can’t explain.
There’s been an emptiness inside my soul,
a someone I’ve been searching for in vain.
Throughout the years I’ve clung onto the hope
that one day you’ll pass by me in the street.
I’ll stow this letter in an envelope
and keep it close until the day we meet.
I know not who you are, or what we’ll be:
best friends, lovers, maybe partners in crime.
I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see
all of these answers we’ll find out in time.
I’m done now, no more sighing to the moon.
Farewell, my friend, I hope to see you soon.
Mar 02
poem 2 comments challenge: Home
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I hear so many speak of home.
For me, home isn’t a somewhere.
It’s not a corner, a city, a catacomb.
Home’s a someone. Her black hair.
Her round, green eyes, so intense.
I feel safe with her at my side,
Her tenderness and warmth: immense.
She doesn’t say much; it’s all implied,
But our understanding is down to a science.
Her voice is mournful, yet golden, it glistens.
And when she does decide to break the silence,
The very universe stops and listens.
Her whole existence is a miracle,
Her every movement, so divine.
Okay, alright, fine. I’ve been waxing lyrical
About the world’s very best feline.