Feb 10
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Despair For Hope

Days pass slowly.
Eternity left me behind.
Smiling wide,
Pretending I care,
Although I feel empty inside.
I just shoulder on,
Raise my chin,

Force a grin.
Only I know,
Realize where I’ve been.

How can I travel
On such a rough slope?
Problem is, can I
Exist without hope?
Feb 10
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Always I’ve wondered about light.

Luminous gleams from the stars,
A blinding blaze from the sun,
My phone’s gentle blue glow.
Perhaps the moon, reflecting.

Forever it’s been this way,
Light dictating our lives.
I rise every day with the sun,
Cavemen worshipped their fire.
Kingdoms of color; brilliant, radiant.
Earth, alight with the blaze.
Rainbows through prisms,
Electromagnetic waves.
Day after day of splendor.

Only darkness blocks it out,
Nighttime filled with shadows.

I know not to shut my eyes,
Not to extinguish the lantern.