Jan 18

Circling the Sun

Humans are like planets:
if you watch them
you’ll find patterns. 

This morning 
the same guy 
with the worn-out 
dress shoes 
made his final rotation 
around the bus station.
While that same
long-lost planet 
finally slid into home base.  
Jan 16

The Words You Cry

These little thoughts
are what keep 
me going.

They wake me up
at night,
the sky will soon glow
with long lost sunsets
and shine 
with what you might think is morning 
but is actually the porch light.

I have spent 
many a night
smiling at my frosty
in the glass.

I know what it feels like 
to have my eyes burn
with tears,
to choke down a brewing 
Jan 16

Hidden Cities

The world spins 
to fast 
to catch all the time 
and space 
between the lines.

All the soil
at the bottom
of the river.

All my confessions: too deep 
to control...
you don’t understand.

You might try.
You can’t.

Jan 11

Message in a Bottle

Jan 08

Solar Rug

Jan 08

Random Thoughts From the One Left Behind

Jan 02

The Wishing Late at Night

It’s too dark for me to find the lamp
so I feel for my toes 
and spiral tightly
into an empty curl.

The cold tonight
hurt my fingers
the moment I found
the front door.

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe... 
but you know
we’re all alone
on the same night.
Remember it for
the next time
your chest hurts. 

Don’t respond quickly, 
your hesitation always makes 
me wonder. 
Jan 01


I wrote on my hand today,
just so I’d remember 
that another year is actually gone.

The warm tears
on my face tonight
felt good. The man
in the moon
knows that tears
aren’t always for sorrow,
and they weren’t,
you wouldn’t allow me sadness,
your too happy for that. 

I like how you smile 
whenever our eyes meet, 
your laught is indescribable:
it makes me happy