May 19

Santa Fe, Texas

It’s numbing to see so many people 

so many
so many
so many

This Keeps Happening. 

It keeps happening
and still people tell me
“It’s rare,
it won’t happen to you,
you shouldn’t be scared”

no, I should be.

i should be scared
for my future.

i should be scared
for all of those poeple
who don’t have one anymore.

i should be scared 
May 18

River Rain

She whispers the weather
to you in class
through clenched teeth.
Something about winter
and rain. 

You know how warm the sun
is and how summer rain
feels like a mild shower
but she doesn’t seem to notice
and pulls on extra jackets
and boots for outside.

You knew she was sensitive. 

You hug her to keep her warm
and proceed to get rained on  
in the process:
water droplets radiate
May 17

The Great Drop

Some days 
I feel like I'm falling apart
at the edges.

Like every breath
I pull in is on the verge of tears. 

Some days I feel like the ocean
could drop right
on top of my head
and it would still feel better than this.

At least I would know why I was drowning. 

It happens more often now
where my overwhelming happiness
is stolen; washed away
so suddenly I don't even catch a glimpse 

May 10

Night Swimming

Today I listened to the wind. 
The kind of listening that takes over
all senses.
It washed me away. 

Overwhelming. The way it starts to breathe for you.
As. If. You. Might. Drown. 

You look like you might have been swimming. 
But you never admit to loving the river enough to skip school.
I ask to join you next time. 

You don't respond.


May 10

Loving You

It's like laying down 
fruit and pebbles 
in a basket;
like running on eggs;
curtained shadows 
in a lost stream 
of thought. 

It's like falling up. 
Like dancing
in swolen circles.

Like rubbing off 
a purple tone 
from shriveled flowers.

It's tinder waiting 
for fire. 

I love you for the stars
and never the tide. 

May 08

Window Breathing

May 03

Raining Conversation

"Do you like the rain?"

"What kind
of question is that?" 

"I don't know,
I was just curious..." 



I like it...
of course I do." 

"It's like breathing?" 


Recently I have started wrinting peotry I call "Dialogue Poetry".
It's a poem where two people are talking back and forth.
May 01

The 5 Best Things

Today at school 
we were asked to list
the five best things about life. 

It came quickly to me,
the way I love the world 
and the way it fits
into my head is complete.
Like the way a river fills up its banks. 

1) Laughing 
I like the way it forms
in my mouth.
The way it's smooth on my tounge.
Bubbly and overwhelming.

I could laugh in my sleep if I knew how...
sometimes I think I do,