Feb 20

Sunshine Song

I know it’s late,
probably too late
to think properly 
but I love the dark 
and the silence 
and the soft promise of sunshine
sometime soon.

I sleep in a tight ball
with the mountains 
as guardians
and the hidden clouds as comfort.

Maybe we should all learn
to drink a little more stardust
in our coffee each morning.

Maybe we should stop
biting our nails
Feb 16

Running A Maze

thump, thump, thump
the identity of one
who never gets to scream

thump, thump, thump 
the stolen books beneath a seam

thump, thump, thump 
the carved out rind on a empty platter
thump, thump, thump 
the silence of your broken splatter 

thump, thump, thump
some written verse never sung

thump, thump, thump 
one old lost tale, never spun 

thump, thump, thump 
to the ones who never
Feb 16

Breathing Fire

This inability 
to write,
to talk,
to scream
has caged me.

Ripped me up
from the inside out. 

I hate it
when I can’t pull
whole sentences together
like I used too.
I can’t breathe when that happens,
can’t seem to catch
my thoughts in one solid net
like usual...
it’s suffocating. 

Today was was the day
I learned that not everything
comes as easy
as it’s always supposed too.
Feb 09

Five Days and Counting

Day one: 
The day it started was cold,
wind blowing,
almost too desolate to think.
You didn't smile like usual.
I didn't ask why.
I cried that night,
I didn't know why.

Day two:
You smiled when you saw me;
it was warmer that day,
enough to make us shed our sweatshirts
and run laps
around the garden.
I hoped you felt better...
that was something that hadn't happend
to me in a long time.

Feb 09

Ceiling Paint

My happiness sticks to the ceiling
like it was glued there
when the house was built.

Almost as if it was meant
to float to the sky
but instead got caught tightly
in the hands of reality.

I peeled it off today. 
You like the look of clean white paint
so close to the sky.
And, I'll admit,
it does kinda look like the clouds...
I might actually like it. 

I'm not sure you understand
how good it feels
Feb 08

Tidal Wave

This is the feeling
I get when everyting
falls to pieces...
a sort of great shattering
that reverberates through my body,
down my spine,
out the tips of my fingers.

You sound hurt
on the other end of the phone,
stuffed up and lost,
like no one ever
at you anymore.

It's not true... I do.

I hope you know that sometimes
I shatter too.

I don't smile,
can't seem to remember
Feb 05

Learning to Fly (don't mention my wings)

There are times
I question my very existence.

I know it might sound cliche
but I hope you learn
it's not.

And, it's as far
as one can get
from lying. 

It starts often,
when I look in your eyes.

I don't know what triggers it,
just something in those circles  
of deep, brown
(almost like my chocolate milk)
that makes me think 
"Hey, why are you here anyways?"