Feb 01

Too Hard To Hate

I cant stand to listen to you.

Your eyes tell me things
I would rather not hear.
But, it's not just your eyes
that hold too much
for me to ever understand.

It's your hands.
You seem to think I don't care
about the broken parts of you... 
maybe that's true,
after all I do hate you, right?

No... (wrong)

Can't you stop?
Please look away. 
I like the secrets in your eyes too much...
Jan 23

That Valley, Too Far From You

(photo credit: a friend, over the summer)

I noticed today,
out of the foggy
car windshield 
just how 
much this valley
and those fields 
have somehow become part of me.

I like the way that earth 
can’t blow away with the rain. 

I like the way the grass
smells in midsummer;
sweet earth in clean hands,
dark soil on barefeet. 

I like the way my hands
get just numb enough with cold:
Jan 21

Sight to Short to See

That empty feeling 
crept into you again today.

It doesn't like to let you go,
it has good hands
to cling with. 

It’s that kind of feeling 
where you just want to sleep
so the unproductive part
of your brain
doesn’t take over. 

It’s that kind of feeling 
where you know
you should find someone
to talk with
but you just don’t feel
like anyone anymore. 

And so,
Jan 18

Circling the Sun

Jan 16

The Words You Cry

These little thoughts
are what keep 
me going.

They wake me up
at night,
the sky will soon glow
with long lost sunsets
and shine 
with what you might think is morning 
but is actually the porch light.

I have spent 
many a night
smiling at my frosty
in the glass.

I know what it feels like 
to have my eyes burn
with tears,
to choke down a brewing 
Jan 16

Hidden Cities

The world spins 
to fast 
to catch all the time 
and space 
between the lines.

All the soil
at the bottom
of the river.

All my confessions: too deep 
to control...
you don’t understand.

You might try.
You can’t.

Jan 11

Message in a Bottle