Dec 18

Your Presence

I smiled too bright
when I saw you. 

That didn’t happen often
and for a moment 
I ducked my head,
surprised and slightly embarrassed 
by my sudden joy.

Dec 15

Never Just

It was that invincible moment
when I realized
I’m not just somebody,
I don’t have to be
just someone.

We are all much more
than that.
When you see those things
you can never
take that feeling away...
we are more
than we let ourselves believe;
we underestimate
each other, the stars, the hope
in this place.
There is more
than we let on, 
and yet we don’t.

We are never just nobody,
Dec 14

Not The Ones

This is the busy time 
before the sun

Candles lit,
fires stoked,
and doors locked.

The time before 
the sun 
is always crazy.

Water hauled,
dishes washed,
and floor swept.

The time before 
the sun
is always full,
almost too
to see the sun 
behind the trees...
but it always happens,
and we’re not
Dec 10

I See Your Truth

Dec 10

Everything But The

Dec 08

9pm: Richmond Village

It’s that moment
when you realize this town
is nothing
like the City....
the cold stinging 
your face
and the silence
from the corners
of this small town:
the place by the train track
and the dark parking lot
behind the church...
all to small
for your head to comprehend. 

And then your realize,
much to quickly,
that this is the place
you belong,
maybe the place
you’ll stay
Dec 05

Questions From the Science Student (thoroughly confused)

Dec 05

City Air: almost breathable

Sometimes its good 
to be a

oddly, it’s very comforting:
the aloneness
in a world of people...  

Both fulfilling and quiet:
reunited to a culture 
of fast moving creatures;
who get excited
about everything 
and smile when needed.
taking a breath,
no longer necessary:
almost learning
to live
without air. 
Dec 05

The View From Mars