Sep 12

The Borrowed Flavor of a Library Book

"Careful!" The colorful cover would scream at you, 
"Don't drop me, I'm not yours you know." 

And you would carefully contemplate 
the damages that could come to this jewel
before gently shoving it to the bottom of your pack
alongside all of the other much-loved 

Because, you knew 
there was nothing worse 
than the sour taste of a librarian's scolding
on your tongue the rest of the day;
Sep 11

And then, he came.

Nobody knew what to make of him the first day he came;
standing patiently back from the group,
only talking to answer the occasional question
or to hum the words to a slow, curious song
that sent shivers up my spine. 

He seemed like an odd creature
with ideals I was currently unaware of...
so, I avoided him, 
kept my respectable distance 
and managed to stay out of all contact with him...
for a while. 

But, the day came
Sep 11

The Art of Fog Catching

I stood at the tip of the dock
looking out over
that salty water.

The fog had come slowly 
that morning,
seeping into the harbor
and quietly covering 
the shore. 

Mussle gathering at noontime 
was raw and wet.
The chilled water numbed my fingers 
until feeling 
no longer pulsed through them 
and blood flowed easily 
from popped blisters,
earned yestrday while chopping wood. 

Aug 24

Her, and The Ocean

Gasping for breath, she watched the waves... 
they fell upon the rocks so carelessly, yet, so perfectly. 

She had come to the ocean for a little peace and quiet,
away from the new screaming baby,
and her rambunctious brothers. 

But, she now noticed, it was never completely silent anywhere. 

She closed her eyes and listened.

In the distance she could hear the gulls circling
the fishing boats at the pier,
Aug 21

waves of mood

Jun 19

the rest of Flame City


One day,
I think it was the day after we left
the walls and floor around us
got very warm.

We had to tie rags on our feet
to keep them from aching.

I thought that it was because of the fire,
but Mark said
it was just because the temperature
fluctuated sometimes.
I could tell he didn’t believe himself
but I played along for the little ones.

Jun 19

more of Flame City

The Weeks

flew by. We had a new election
for the governor
and the outcome of it enraged the boys
so much that they protested in the streets
for two days, straight
and did not come to work.
Those days the women got off
and I spent both of my days catching up
on my rest
and mending an old skirt for Rachael.

We went back to work on Wednesday
with high spirits,
for we had rested well
Jun 17

Flame City

Jun 12

Different Worlds Chapter 6: Ivory's Perspective