Dec 29


Dec 29

The Rain In the Walls

Life wasn’t built
around winning. 

life was built 
the part where you fall down,
the part where you loose
a few words to the translation,
or miss a step,
lost in the folds of your mind. 

Our world is built around tragedy,
not life
and most people
don’t even stop
to notice all the love
we still possess,
almost forgetting where to look. 

Most people
don’t stop
to taste the rain,
(much to beautiful to notice)
after all
it’s only the dark puddles
that matter.

But is it really?
Is the only purpose
in life
to count your faults
and smash in soggy walls? 

I’m almost positive it’s not. 
Dec 27

When Stars Didn’t Care (A Letter To My Silent Friend)

You said one day
that we were meant
for this earth,
that we had to belong
because why else
would we be alive.

And I believed you,
I trusted myself
to find where I fit; 
where we fit. 

I knew somewhere
the stars didn’t care
what we did
and didn’t decide
our future
from the time
we were born,
somewhere we got to choose. 

It’s harder to believe now
that I have power at all,
because you know,
some people are better
at plugging
their ears
than others. 

Dec 20

Graduatuon Dragonfly

There was a dragonfly
on my windowsill today,
it was quiet
and slightly timid,
especially in the dark
when the stars didn’t come
like they normally did. 

It was a dark red
and reminded me
of the socks you wore
on graduation night... 
probably an odd memory:
connections with knotted endings
and paper
with crinkled corners.  

The small dragonfly 
didn’t like
when I blew gently
on its pink-shaded, 
transparent wings
and decided
in a split second
to lift its fragile body
and take flight
into the pitch black night,
slightly off center
and tumbled sideways
in the breeze.
Dec 18

Your Presence

Dec 15

Never Just

It was that invincible moment
when I realized
I’m not just somebody,
I don’t have to be
just someone.

We are all much more
than that.
When you see those things
you can never
take that feeling away...
we are more
than we let ourselves believe;
we underestimate
each other, the stars, the hope
in this place.
There is more
than we let on, 
and yet we don’t.

We are never just nobody,
how could I have missed
that before?

Dec 14

Not The Ones

This is the busy time 
before the sun

Candles lit,
fires stoked,
and doors locked.

The time before 
the sun 
is always crazy.

Water hauled,
dishes washed,
and floor swept.

The time before 
the sun
is always full,
almost too
to see the sun 
behind the trees...
but it always happens,
and we’re not
ones to notice. 
Dec 10

I See Your Truth