Jun 19

the rest of Flame City


One day,
I think it was the day after we left
the walls and floor around us
got very warm.

We had to tie rags on our feet
to keep them from aching.

I thought that it was because of the fire,
but Mark said
it was just because the temperature
fluctuated sometimes.
I could tell he didn’t believe himself
but I played along for the little ones.

Jun 19

more of Flame City

The Weeks

flew by. We had a new election
for the governor
and the outcome of it enraged the boys
so much that they protested in the streets
for two days, straight
and did not come to work.
Those days the women got off
and I spent both of my days catching up
on my rest
and mending an old skirt for Rachael.

We went back to work on Wednesday
with high spirits,
for we had rested well
Jun 17

Flame City

Jun 12

Different Worlds Chapter 6: Ivory's Perspective

May 01

The guards perspective (chapter 4)

I grab her tightly on the arm and haul her to her feet. Before I bring her to the interrogation chamber I bring her to a changing room and shove an outfit that looks similar to a hospital gown in her arms. "Change," I say "it's protocol." She doesn't respond again... only glares at me. She quickly turns on her heel and walks into the small changing room.
Mar 09

The Rush and Roar of Life

There was something about the city
that enchanted her.

There were so many people,
so many buildings,
so many ways of life,
so many thoughts,
so many emotions 
packed into such a small place.

It frightened her in a way:
not much was clean,
it seemed so easy to get lost,
when everyone else knew exactly where they were going
and she had no clue.

But there was something about the city that the country lacked,
Feb 20

taken by the waves

The sea 
wrapped around him,
i just know it.

he had to be comfortable...

He had spent his whole life trusting the sea
and to be claimed by it in the end,
it didn't seem fair.

i had hugged him goodbye before he left,
burrying my small face 
into his large papa shoulder
before he grabbed his bags and walked out the door
for the last time.

i woke up after a dream a week later 
Feb 17


for a while in my life i have wanted to live in the history of our country, 
the american revolution 
but then i think about now
and the history i HAVE 
been a part of.

and you never know...
maybe one day i will tell my children 
that i was a part of a major event in history
that they are learning about in school...
you never know.
i sure hope i can find a way to acomplish this.
Feb 16

my lightning (a reminder to all that there is warmth in this world)

i lay there looking out through my window
at the full moon,
the perfect ball of golden light.
i tip-toed to my window and peered out  side.
the lawn flickered with small lights,
dancing through the tall meadow grass.

it was a hot summer night in Vermont.
one where you can only get away from the heat
if you sleep with an
ice pack on your head,
three fans, and no clothes.