Nov 15
poem 2 comments challenge: I Am

The Way of the World

I am the one who holds back.
Lip bitten, tongue tied, and unforgettably quiet.

I am the one who loves.
Star struck, misty eyed, and slowly loosing air. 

I am the one who observes.
Pointedly watching, admiring your smile, 
and precariously perched. 

I am am the one who laughs.
Tear streaked, bleary eyed, and out of breath. 

I am the one who listens.
Meticulously present, silently secretive,
Nov 12

Hidden Lights

We all wanted
something new, 
something that was seceretly 
and silently perfect. 

Perhaps you suspected 
we knew something
you didn't. 

And we did,
we just didn't admit it. 

We learned 
to bloom 
without sunlight 
and smile without stars.

Sudden hapiness
was our specialty.

They didn't need that,
they just thought they did. 

Nov 09

Faucet Mouse

It stuck to the drain
sinking, falling but almost dead.
Not quite a monster,
not quite a mouse.
Almost, if you squinted,
a spindly tail in the rear.

You pulled it from the plug
slipping, slimy but always strong.
It didn’t bite, not yet a creature.

It clung and fell,
not even looking back.
It made sense, the deepest, darkest 
parts of the universe 
were never meant to be seen. 
Nov 07

Just Me

I've learned to worship insignificance. 
After all,  
clouds were never meant to be seen.

Brown paper in a bottle
with blotchy ink spilled across it.

Broken shoelaces and wandering hearts.

I was not built to fly.
After all, the stars were never made for me:
I was made for them.

Pocket-sized notebooks
were meant to be filled with
but they were made
equally as worthy
Nov 07

Before I Met You

I never knew
what it felt like to smile
before I met you.

I never knew
what rain felt like
before I stood barefoot
in the deepest puddles. 

I never knew
how happy I could be
before I tried rich, dark hot chocolate.

I never knew what it felt like to laugh
before I clutched at my stomach
in cramping pain
and happy tears flowed from my eyes.

I never forgot 
what it felt like to suck
Nov 02


All the silenced voices,
all the hidden lights.

All the Puerto Ricans (no food, no water),
and me, without internet.

All the cracked hearts
waiting for help,
any help.
And me, with a dirty face. 

All the flickering hope
and a big, dripping moon. 

All the broken people;
and my clean sheets.

"Lights out, 
don't get lost." 
But their lights 
burned out months ago;
Oct 30

How to Save Everything

I was told once
that everything you do
could save
a life.

Maybe that’s true,
and maybe it’s not...
I can't remember.

But the thought 
was twisted around my brain
for countable seconds:
pink cotton candy
swirling onto a stick.

What would happen if I decided
to defy this spoken rule
and turn my face
into oncoming traffic,
what would happen then?
Would somebody else save a life
Oct 29

All the Things I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew why
the earth looks so beautiful 
from space.

I wish I knew why
it always must rain
when I have something important 
to accomplish outside.

I wish I knew why
the stars were arranged 
the way they were,
so easy to get lost
in their abstract complexities.

I wish I knew why
the sun only shines
when it’s morning. 

I wish I knew why
I’m alive.