Oct 25

My Friend, The Life Saver

Last night, 
you were in my dream.

You made me laugh,
you made me laugh so hard 
I started to choke.

You stood behind me 
and put a strong hand 
on my back. 

I caught my breath.

Your face was so clear, 
your eyes so happy,
just like I remembered. 

You whispered something into my ear
and I fell into a laughing fit again.

I laughed so hard 
I cried happy tears
Oct 23

World Bucket List

Find the edge of the world,
sit on it. 

Shake the dying trees, 
run after their leaves.

Nevermind the dark clouds:
they'll blow away. 

Just pretend it's not storming,
you wont wash away. 

Search for the amazing views,
they won't find you. 

frowning wont help anything.

Watch the stars.
Their there for a reason...
most things are. 
Oct 20

Different Worlds Chapter 7: Hastin's Perspective

Oct 19

Ode to the Bicycle Man

It seemed silly to me at first, even stupid maybe
to ride a bicycle no handed
while playing a guitar.

What if you hit a bump
in the cobble-stoned street 
and was sent flying from the seat,
wooden guitar as a pillow;
and not a very good one, might I add?

But then I looked again 
and instead of seeing 
an irrational man on a bicycle, 
guitar caressed in his hands,
I saw a magician,
simply trying to be noticed
Oct 19

The Unspoken Rules of Fire

"Be careful," he said quietly,
grabbing my wrist 
"It'll tear you apart." 
of course I knew that, 
everybody did.

I turned to look at him,
straigh in the eye, like I knew
what I was getting into.

"I'm not a bomb, you know." 
The corners of his mouth
turned up the slightest bit.

"Fine then," he said
"go do what fires do." 
I looked at him quizzically 
"I'm not a flame either." 
He laugged,
Oct 15

Puzzle-Piece Silence

I live in unspoken worlds.
Sometimes, if I cram the words
together tight enough,
they fit; sliding easily into place 
and flowing out of my lips.

But more often than not 
my puzzle piece thoughts 
are kept to myself,
simply fitting into empty slots 
for me to see, not others;
sometimes thoughts
were meant to be kept that way,
unedited and unjudged. 

I wish occasionally
Oct 15


Oct 12

The Feat of Optimism

I had chamomile tea
but your feet were cold

My leaves had been tentatively watched
as they fell
but yours had gone unnoticed, 
somehow distracted by the breeze

My pot had boiled;
yours refusing to, had simmered
carefully heating 
as the stars went down,
slowly swirling behind your eyelids

My frost had melted:
thoughtfully sliding
down the slick blade of grass
while yours was trampled 
Oct 11