Aug 30


for once in your life,
listen to what we have to say.
i know it’s hard, listening to teenagers
actually have opinions,
and be more correct than you,
and probably even smarter than you.
but please,

we are destroying this planet,
America’s president terrifies 
half of the country’s population,
animals are going extinct,
innocent people are being shot,

shall i go on?

people are being raped,
and rapists are not getting convicted,
people are being separated from their families,
guns are glorified,
we are petrified.

everyone wants high school students
to go to college and prepare
for the future.

this was once a beautiful world, 
that is now being destroyed, 
and may not even be here 
when our future finally arrives.
Jun 02

goodbye high school

if time is a man made construct,
then i am angry with that man.
because i wish i had more time.
more time for hugs in the hallway
and homecoming football games.
time for joining a team
or learning to play that solo.
i want more time to connect with more people.
i want more time to have more laughs.
i can’t understand how time went by so fast.
it must have gone when i was hurrying to write that essay,
or scrambling to study for my test.
maybe my time disappeared
when filling out study guides
or reading the great gatsby. 
one minute it was october,
and the next minute it was over 
Mar 02
poem 2 comments challenge: Invasive


the old ash tree
still standing in the woods.
it had been there since i was young,
it’s ancestors trailing back
hundreds upon hundreds of years. 
when i was younger,
the tree was my swing set.
i climbed it,
swung from its strong branches.
if i had done the same,
the fragile branches would snap.
because of the invader.
the emerald ash borer 
was destroying one of the best memories
of my childhood.
i prayed for the tree to just hold on 
one more year.
one last summer.
one more swing.

i have never been attached to items,
only memories.
i didn’t want the life
of the ash tree
to only be in my memories.
i wanted it to last forever.

Feb 16

To My Future Self

Dear Haley,

I hope you're happy.
I hope you love the path I chose for you,
and I hope you're always laughing.
I want to know that I'm doing everything right...
going to the right college,
befriending the right people,
following the right career.
Do we ever truly know?

Despite it all,
I hope you're in love with your life,
and that you shine
anywhere and everywhere you go.
Dec 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Magic-18


as the year winds down
and families gather
to celebrate love and life,
i stumble upon you.
a piece of gold shining through the dust of snow,
a beating heart in a shower of pain.
you are the best gift i could ever receive,
the magical gift of love.
Oct 18

sweet winter feelings

we entangled with each other in the midst of winter.
fingers entwined as leafless branches,
their autumn leaves falling to the ground
to reveal what’s underneath.
you tore down my walls
like a maple tree shedding its colorful leaves
to showcase my true feelings,
my honest opinions,
my heart.
my heart, beating in your hand but somehow i’m still alive.

like sugar on snow,
you’re gentle and sweet.
my heart is safe with you.
the frostbite hasn’t gotten to it yet.
Oct 09


the blue bird sings at the top of his lungs,
and I wonder if he ever tires
or gets bored
or realizes that his constant tweeting is pointless.
the golden retriever trots along his daily route,
attached to a short red leash.
I wonder if he ever resents
that short red leash
for straining him when he simply wants to be free.
the man travels back and forth to work everyday;
an everlasting routine.
he becomes exhausted 
and bored
and resents his choices and his life/
I wonder if he will ever try to end
this seemingly never ending routine.
I sure hope so...
Oct 03

cookies and milk

you, my love, are a chocolate chip cookie.
my favorite dessert,
reminding me of happiness and home.
the gooey chocolate,
causing smiles and laughs
and sticking to the corners of my mouth.
right out of the oven,
don’t touch right away,
you don’t want to burn yourself.
eating with a glass of milk,
the classic combination 
of the two of us
as one.
Sep 23

future as an ocean wave

the future is scary.
it is as if everything is hitting me
all at once.
like a crisp ocean wave
that knocks my body 
into the frigid salt water.
sound emits from my ears
as my head hits.
my eyes sting,
and my lungs burn,
and i can’t escape.
i reach for air,
and my hands come up empty,
but finally,
my body emerges.
i take a deep breath,
and i’m the happiest i’ve ever been.
Mar 14

march 14th

every time we hear the fire alarm,
we don’t think there’s a fire.
when the principal comes over the intercom,
we don’t assume it is a drill.
our terrified minds
go straight to a gun.
our faces go pale,
our hearts speed up,
my friend grabs my hand and tells me she loves me.
she looks petrified,
her legs shaking;
suddenly my body reacts the same.
we should not be scared at school,
yet we are.
we should not have to tell our friends and family that we love them
in fear that we won’t get to again.
we attend school to learn,
not to fear for our lives
in the event that an insane person
just happens to have a gun,
even though they didn’t even have a damn background check when purchasing it.