Jan 17


Diminishing every day as we slowly age,
Almost like putting our souls in a cage.
As every day passes we get a little older,
But in wisdom and spirit, we grow slightly colder.
Colder as in,
Our heightened attitudes start to thin.
But we can't keep denying,
That slowly every day we are dying.

Jan 17

Two Part Story: My Love For You & Dying Ember

My Love For You
My love for you will never fade,
Nor will it ever end in trade.
To commit to something like you,
It is like telling me what to do.
But I don't mind, not even a bit;
Because my love for you will never quit.

Dying Ember
They said our love would never die out, 
Unlike a dying ember.
Unknowingly, I had no doubt,
That it would die this coming September.
Unwillingly to remember,
Our love was that dying ember.
Jan 17


September 11th, the day of doom
Al-Qaeda hijackers
And all the planes went boom
And suicide attackers.

September 11th, on a clear Tuesday morning
It left a gaping, burning hole near the 80th floor
While all the people were yearning
All of this happened with nothing more

A California bound plane: United Flight  93
The plane had been hijacked
Approximately 40 minutes after leaving New Jersey
Finally, the cold hard case got cracked

A center collapsed in massive clouds of dust and smoke
With at least 10,000 with wicked injuries
Everybody felt that their hearts were broke
With the many who got put out of their misery.

Nov 20

That's It For Me

If there's one thing I've learned over this last year it's that all we have is right now and we should appreciate the love we're shown today by our loved ones because there's no promise that love will be there tomorrow no matter what words are said in the past, or even the present. In this chaotic and depraved world there really are no guarantees. This is gonna seem cliché but never take this life for granted.. human beings are a ridiculous animal. Society has become a chaotic and decadent spectacle to the slice of the population that still harbors old school values and morals.. The only truly doable solution that the individual can achieve in any struggle is to approve upon oneself. To give your own mark, not the ones others givers give you. To endure and persist no matter what loss of love, loss of friendship, or loss of companionship haunts your thoughts. A notion I could previously never accept is this: people come and go as they please, but you're stuck with you.
Nov 20

The End

The end is near But no one wants to leave here They just live in the constant fear Because their vision isn't clear But now I look to you One of the very few Of the friends to stay true And those that helped me when I had no clue Those that ran out of time Or who stepped out of line Those that were stubbornly blind And those like a gear that had to grind People like you and me The ones that don't know who to be The ones that wanted to be free Or those that could not truly see And now we come to the dividend Where we have to sneak around the bend But none of our actions had this to intend Here we are at the end
Nov 20
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Desecration of Immigration

We are fleeing from oppression While we latch on to our depression And when we arrive at the front gate We are greeted here with hate In our faces you slam the door We are merely trying to escape a war We came here in search of an escape Yet your border is lined with “Do Not Enter” tape Our land threatens us with genocide Which forces us to run and hide While some of us seep through the cracks and creases It’s our mass population that greatly decreases This is one of the so called “problems” of immigration And when we get here it is almost immediate deportation When we can slip through the cracks We are left with nothing but the clothes on our backs Far more once in awhile We are forced into unending exile We believe in standing up for human rights But when we do we end up in fights With all your soldiers at border patrol When really it’s you that are out of control This land, our supposed sanctuary Seems to resemble a penitentiary