Nov 03

Ah, Vermont

Sep 19

Ending Cliches

Send us your most despised cliches and we'll add them to this master list!

Here are a few of H.W. Fowler's cliches to avoid:

Acid test
Blessing in disguise
Conspicuous by his absence
Damn with faint praise
Dim religious light
Explore every avenue
Fair sex
Few and far between
Filthy lucre
Free gratis and for nothing
His own worst enemy
Ill-gotten gains
Inner man
Irony of fate
Last but not least
Leave no stone unturned
Method in his madness
More in sorrow than in anger
More sinned against than sinning
Neither rhyme nor reason
Of that ilk
Of the ____________ persuasion
Olive branches
Powers that be
Sleep the sleep of the just
Splendid isolation
Take one's name in vain
Tender mercies
There's the rub
To be or not to be
Through thick and thin
Tower of strength
Weaker vessel
Apr 06

Winners of "I and You" Challenge!

Read the winning submissions in the "I and You" Poetry Competition!
Congratulations to Ben Maksym of Grand Isle, Kaytlyn Ann Young of Shelburne and Peyton Cassel of Lancaster, PA!
Winners receive complimentary tickets to the Vermont Stage play, "I and You," at FlynnSpace in Burlington! Poems will also be displayed at the theater during the play's run, from April 20 to May 8.
Feb 10

Vermont Writes Day at Peoples Academy

Seventh year for Vermont Writes Day -- and 2016 is a huge success!
Here are some photos from Peoples Academy in Morrisville where everyone stopped what they were doing to WRITE for seven minutes!
Special thanks to English Teacher Dorienne Cedeno, Principal Philip Grant & Receptionist Michele Walker!
Jan 08

Vermont Writes Day 2016 Writing Challenges

Vermont Writes Day is Wednesday, February 10th, and YWP is urging Vermonters of all ages to take just seven little minutes to write. You can post their stories, poems, essays, songs, rants -- and any other kind of writing you can think of -- for all to see! Post here and use the #vtwritesday hashtag. Post on (open Wednesday; no login needed). Use pencils and pens and crayons and hang in the halls, or do dramatic readings in the cafeteria or the principal's office. JUST WRITE! And have fun!

Vermont Writes Day 2016 Writing Challenges

1. Object: Out of nowhere, an object falls from the sky, landing directly at your feet. What is it and what happens next?
2. Cats: Write from the perspective of anyone or anything in the scene below.
Jan 06

Digital story workshop resources

Dec 18


By Kassiani Austin

‘’Chole’’, my mom said,’’are you ready for school tomorrow?  “Yes,mom.”  I’m so ready for 6th grade.  I have a new bag, notebooks, and pencils.   “Can you brush my hair sis?” my little sister mia said.  “Only if you quiet down, Mike’s asleep.”  “Mia time to go to bed.” my dad said.  One good thing about being older is that I get to go to bed later.  
Dec 17

Digital Story Platforms

Medium— large audience, embed offline media; text-based, longform. recommend feature means you don’t need to rely on other sites to boost popularity— you can get popular within the site. Can write responses to other people’s posts and a link shows up automatically.

Tumblr— short posts, humor, activism, images. One type of media at a time. Notes = popularity.

Cowbird: need high-quality image, incorporate audio easily.

Exposure: display collection of photos; minimal and descriptive text

Atavist— like medium, with less in-site sharing; can’t subscribe to authors/topics. Side video embedding. Excellent for magazine articles. Limited— 3 free articles/month.
Dec 17

Book #1 The Desolate Valley

Once upon a time, a gorgeous teenage girl was speeding down a
path in the woods on a cool, crisp morn’ away from a terrible wizard.
When she stopped to catch her breath he hobbled out from behind a big
spruce tree & snatched the girl away to the land of the forgotten. A
dreadful place that kept all the evil souls locked up & away from the kind,
gentle living people. There he was going to keep her for five dreadful
years if the young boy hadn’t stopped him in his tracks. Meanwhile, up in
the land of the living, a charmin’ lad overheard the gods speaking. He
heard them speak of a beautiful maiden snatched from her family and
realized that the gods were too scared to do anything about it, So he set
off to find her himself. The gods had seen the lad listening in on them,
and had not spoke of the terrible wizard and that he didn't even know
where to start looking.
Dec 09

In the Style of Emily Dickinson

Poetry from Steven Glazer's 7th grade English class at Crossroads Academy, Lyme NH:

A Sea of blue lies up above
A Sea of blue lies up above
An Ocean with no floor-
Where does it end? Where does it go?
I yearn to know much more
The Stars - like Fishes dance around
Within their school of Friends-
The Galaxies-like Coral grow
Infinity extends
– Miriam Viazmenksi
7th grade
Crossroads Academy
Lyme, NH
I sauntered 'cross these Frozen Fields-
I sauntered 'cross these Frozen Fields-
In the Dead of Winter-
The Frost glistens upon the Ground-
Flowers slowly wither
The Ice drips down from Window Panes-
Surrounding every house
The Snow rushes throughout the Wind-
A Blizzard all around
Around the cozy fireplace-
I dwell by the warmth
A shield from the Wintry World-
That covers all the Earth