Nov 29

Add audio!

Make those Digiwrimo posts sing! Add audio!
See these pretty mountains below?

You'll find them when you Create a Blog (at the far right of the tool bar in the Body section.) Just click the mountains to "Add media" and upload your audio file (and/or photos.)
Read your piece, add music or background sounds. Bring in some photos and you're on your way to digital storytelling. Oh, and remember to Save!
Nov 27

YWP Meeting Dec. 5!

Join YWPers THIS SATURDAY, Dec. 5, 10 a.m. - 1p.m. We'll meet at 10 a.m. at the Burlington Generator for a very cool journalism workshop!  The Generator is at 250 Main St., Burlington (lower level of Memorial Auditorium). We'll have a tour and a chance to meet some of the creative people who are working and inventing there! At about 11.30, we'll walk over to YWP (47 Maple St.), have lunch (we'll provide it) and talk about what we saw and heard at the Generator...

For those who are interested in trying their hand at interviewing and photographing at The Generator, we'll have cameras & audio recorders. Bring your own camera and/or audio recorder if you prefer. This is step one of a new YWP journalism project in collaboration with the Generator.
Nov 25

Six minutes for six-word stories

In six minutes, write as many six-word stories as you can. If any of these interest you, take 'em and sprout 'em!

Yellow roses remind me of you.
“Run,” she yelled. “Don’t look back!”
Don’t laugh. It’s true – and sad.
He peered at the clock. Midnight.
“Wait for me,” he pleaded. “Please.”
Bats, troubled creatures, need our protection.
He tipped his hat. She blushed.
We cried a lot, then laughed.
When will you visit me? Ever?
Jaw clenched, tears welling. It's painful.
She cared about all of us.
Kindest dear heart I ever met.

Nov 19

Look Up

Nov 18

Congratulations to those whose Winter Tales will be presented!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WRITERS whose poetry and stories were selected by Vermont Stage Company to be performed at the 11th annual Winter Tales at FlynnSpace in Burlington, Dec. 9-13! For information and tickets, click here.
Thank you to all writers who submitted to this challenge! You can read all submissions here.

CLICK READ MORE to see the winning authors, links to their submissions and the dates of their performances:
Nov 18

Deep fall

Nov 17

The Costume, VI

Annabelle was a perfect, pint-sized witch. Tiny, tiny. Her costume was all purples and lime green and black velvet with a tall, pointy hat. She was pretty cute, Hannah thought, and she could feel her eyes being drawn to the flashing lights strung across the bodice.

Ah, Hannah thought, she wins. She wins. She looks extraordinary. Even though it was clearly a store-bought outfit – not an original – those lights, thought Hannah, those lights…

Hannah’s mother took Annabelle’s hand. “Let’s go honey, let’s go trick-or-treating. Come on, Hannah.”

Hannah watched as her mother and Annabelle started down the street. The boys were close behind. She could hear her brother complimenting Annabelle on her costume and the other boys, including the un-loyal Tom, chiming in.
“She is going to be a candy magnet!” one of the boys shouted. “Guaranteed!”
Nov 17

About Annotations

Tips from a YWP staff discussion led by Geoff Gevalt, Nov. 17, 2015

What are annotations?
Annotations on the YWP site are intended as private comments to the author. Only the editor writing the annotation and the author of the piece can see the comments.

The process: Before you begin annotations, write a reaction beside the piece so all can see and the writer receives notice that someone's commenting. You can also note in your reaction that YWP wants to publish the piece and the writer should check out the annotations that will lead to publication.
Nov 16

Stick season

We walk the trail by the river in the foothills of Mount Mansfield in all seasons. This day, in November, the forest floor is covered in rust-colored leaves. The river is clear and cold, rushing, rushing over smooth, speckled rocks. Best of all, with the leaves off the trees, we can see up and down the river, and up the cliffs to all the high places that are hidden on our summer walks. Our trail is bare, exposed, vulnerable. Stick season. It's the honest season, nothing hidden.

Soon, though, winter's blanket will cover these woods and this trail. Stick season leads to ski season. And this day, on our November trail, we are suddenly filled with sweet anticipation as we come upon a fellow walker, a young man in a ski jacket, who turns to us and says with a huge smile, "Yeah! Winter!"

Nov 13
essay 0 comments challenge: General

Trampoline Football

    Flying through the air while getting hit by a 300 pound defender, Trampoline Football is closely related to regular football, however, the trampolines make a large difference. The rules are quite similar but have a few minor differences. Instead of 11 on 11 as in traditional football, Trampoline Football consists of eight players per side. On the offense, there are three linemen, two wide receivers, two running backs and one quarterback. The field, or the trampoline, is five feet wider on each side. Coaches can have two challenges instead of one.  Holding penalties are a five yard loss, not ten. The last rule is that there are no field goals or extra points.