Dec 11
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Here I go again

I can’t stop myself 
from clinging to you when 
you despise me most  
because although I’m not a bad person 
when you don’t see that it makes it hard for me to 
and when I can’t see I need something to hang on to – something sure in itself – 
and you are 
and maybe you’re not wrong either
but that only makes it more impossible for me to let you go 
for me to be 
Nov 03
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Spinners spin; arrows point. 
This hand here, that foot there. 
Bodies obey the rules; bodies live by them. 
Right hands stretch to yellow dots.

Yellow? Why yellow? 

Because the directions say so. 
What would we do without the directions? 
Oct 22
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Worthy of a Smile

Jun 07
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The (Debatably) Not Real Oakland

Apr 29
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Why Do We Weep?

Why do we feel?
It’s not practical, really.
Pain follows feelings like a lost puppy -
Hungry; begging to be let in to feed.

Do we let them in,
Because like the puppy,
They have nowhere else to go?
Or do we trust - without question-
That it is better to be full of anything than
It is to be empty.

We trust.
Because we have to.
Because without emotion,
There is no ambition.
Apr 14
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Hyper-Masculinity: Society's Set Up

Masculinity. It’s a word charged with preconception and delusion. Its definition - possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men - is straightforward. It was when I looked at the synonyms produced by my google search that I became alarmed. Strength, Ruggedness, and virility, all (apparently) are synonymous to the meaning of manhood. Really, it’s not surprising. But it should be.
Apr 08
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To the Beautiful People

Dear Mother,
You taught me the meaning of strength, 
the power of dedication,
and the importance of vegetables. 
Your sacrifice fuels my own. 

Dear Father,
You possess the patience and kindness of no other. 
Without your rolling laughter and tears,
I would never have found the potential humor in humility. 

Dear Brother, 
You remind me what it means to have passion,
and humble me with your selflessness. 
Apr 08
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They Follow

She slipped out the gate and started to run
Not towards the open field
Or the gaping grain bin
But to the bustling road

And they followed

First the older mare, curious at the mysterious energy of the first
Then the pony - exhilarated by the possibility of mischief

The humans followed too

At least the ones who could keep up
With lead ropes in hand they dashed after the runaways -
Mar 31
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I Feel Small Because I Am

Last night,
When light had fully faded into darkness,
And the stars shone brilliantly against their black backdrop,
I looked up.

I looked for confirmation -
Something to validify the fulfillment I was feeling.
Instead, instantaneously, the vast, proud, and powerful canopy to which I gazed
Came crashing down over me.

My consciousness was hurtled into space
As my body crumpled under the weight of my own triviality.
Mar 23
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