Feb 11
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Growing Up

In some crevice of my mind
I know that spring has ended.

I must leave behind my forest green
and bury the laughter and dreams
just beyond the trees.

The snow is calling to my bones
sapping away the life of flowers
hour by hour.

I know that I must leave it behind
but give me one last look... 

for now I see the winter blue
and this time... this time... 

I must face it all alone

a blade in my left hand
and daisies in my right.
Feb 05
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Who Are You?

I don't know.
Shadows under my eyes 
try to answer the question.
They're blue and sinking deeper, fast.

I am the girl who sings
who writes poetry
who stands on a stage
pretending to be someone else, and I'm good at it.

I don't know.
My eyes feel dragged
as though the shadows are
pulling my eyelids, down, down down.

I am the girl who is gray
who can't say that she's sad
who feels alone
but knows the isolation is no one's fault, but her own.

I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know, know, know.

I should know
but my dual existence
is impossible to bear.

My eyes close, my heartbeat

The darkness doesn't save me from the question.
Feb 05
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The Poets Are Mad

All the poets are crazy,
dreamers with so much and so little to say,
armed only with words to make everything
in the world right again.

They say, it is up to the artists
it is up to the youth

but all they have are heads, like planets,
their eyes see everything in the night, but 
find all thoughts untouchable, orbiting around their brains.

All the poets are crazy!
All the poets are mad! 
All their stories are blasphemous!

You know,
the poets write such beautiful songs...

too bad
no one understands them. 

Jan 29
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You must be loud
like a bird screaming at the sky
they said

And I try, I try so hard
to be 
and I am...

but sometimes the words are
hard to say, they...
end up broken like

a butterfly pulled from the cocoon
mangled, crumpled
with only whispers of grace left.

You must be loud
they said
and I am...

but little do they know it is a lie
that speaks for me
and my real voice...

my real voice
is small and
barely says a word.

is a funny word
and my pen converts to its liking.
Jan 17
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Faces Of An Unfamiliar Friend

I scan your face
your dark eyes
your lips
searching for a meaning, or a 

I saw whole galaxies 
in that face
I saw kingdoms and forests and demons-
oh your demons-
and lovers and embraces and myself
reflected back.

But in a moment, I see
heartbreak and sorrows
I feel pain and devastation
and loneliness and rage and anxiety and-
an old comfort.

I scan a strange face
so familiar
yet not
searching for answer, or a
Dec 09
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When I Wake Up

Tomorrow, I hope
the world will wake me up
that my eyes will fill with wonder
and never be covered up

Tomorrow, I hope
the burden won't be too much
that I can hold the weight of the world
and not be swallowed up

Tomorrow, I hope
the world won't have blown up
that my heart can claim the earth
and have the strength to clean it up.
Dec 05
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Stars In My Head

I am writing to the stars in my head
brisk things are they
orbiting the earth where all things grow,
then die

It is a whirlwind of light,
and darkness pure,
and not enough air to breathe.

i can't breathe.

The thoughts are spinning now
and killing me
and yet making my heart,
a cadaver's heart, beat soundly.

I am not brain dead,
but rather when my pen starts
I am suddenly alive, with fury
and at once again feeling.

I am writing to the stars in my head
perhaps they are gods, or angels
maybe they are only thoughts,
but all I know is this:
they make me feel alive. 

Nov 22
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Your earth is damaged
a bruised and bloody damsel

so pretty yet ugly in this
ungodly heat.

The sun is hot, hot like hell
and flames swallow the trees

did you know green will turn to ash and
soiled water will dance through every ocean?

Your crimes will drip into your blood as
you suck up the chemical filled air,

blow it right back into your head, breathe and see,
there is a hazy fog that blinds you, blinds you till the end.
Nov 12
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Do You Love Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is a vision
pink and gold,
all feminine softness... 

She is grace and beauty, why
she is anything and everything you want her to be.

You'd think if you saw Aphrodite,
no one else could compare to her perfection.
You want a queen and that she will be,
peasants can grovel at her feet
which are unstained with the truth.

But Aphrodite is hollow,
an idea without a heart, 
and love is not a facade... 

She could be jealous and vain,
she could be soulless or even shallow. 

You'd think if you saw Aphrodite
no one else could ever compare... 
You want a queen and that she will be
but open your eyes, see if she has a heart, and

ask yourself,
do you love Aphrodite?
Remember that you place the crown on her head.

Oct 30
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I Pity The Ghosts Tonight

The ghosts are flitting
round the room 
and chandeliers,

their bodies are but wisps, 
opaque but for a glow,
rendering them there, but not quite.

They moan and beseech,
wails aching from empty hearts
and gasping from ungovernable lips,

these poor souls, they whine for life
but someone knows they begged
just for a little reprieve.

Their lips are sewn shut with spider silk,
they could break it, but they choose to wordlessly lament so
they live, yes, but only in self pity... 

they long to say so much
yet they have nothing to utter, with trembling lips,
so they reach for me to warm their souls with words.

Oh, but they do not know
(how I pity the ghosts tonight),
my mind, my thoughts,
unraveled long, long ago.