Apr 01
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My crippled
lunges forward
yet you charge
back with adequate
piercing me through
with the dull end
of your fractured blade
blinding me
from seeing the truth:
Love is just a game
played by the youth

Apr 01
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Teasing Lines of Neon Blue, Pink and Green

          Heartache ripped through her youthful chest as she staggered down the streets. Before her tear-rimmed emerald green eyes she only perceived blurry lines of neon blue, pink and green. The scent of oil and gas filled her nostrils, and she gagged. Her breaths were unsteady, and she felt the need to creep out of her skin, slither down into the ground. She felt the kind of despair that carves and seeps into bone, rather than exploding into a cascade of tears. But as she shifted her eyeballs to the side of her to face the vast, fuzzy foundation surrounding her, they became glazed with glassy layers of liquid. She blinked, and they slipped. She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to unexpose her emotions: her lungs were filled with wails that craved to escape, her eyes charged with tears which were only waiting for the trigger to be pulled.