Jul 11

How I Began To Write

I have always loved words. I read a lot of books in elementary school like The Chronicles Of Narnia and The Magic Treehouse Series. It wasn’t until a unit on poetry in middle school that I realized I loved to write too. My teacher had us memorize poems and recite them to the class. The one I distinctly remember is A Dream Within a Dream By Edgar Allan Poe. I still have most of that one memorized. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I remember wondering if I could write anything like that. The last part of that unit was to write ten original poems. That was the beginning of my life as a poet. I enjoyed the entire process of creating those ten poems. Edgar Allan Poe was the main influence on my writing when I first started. I think my main draw to him was because in my opinion, rhyming is a very fun flow to a poem but he paired that with a lot of dark and creepy words.
May 08

Short Story: Books and Coffee

A single college student sits with her legs crossed typing tentatively on her computer. The small coffee shop table is just big enough to hold her laptop, two opened notebooks, and a brown ceramic coffee mug. The chair across from her lies vacant, just the way it always has been. Silvia, the owner of this 24-hour café, walks leisurely to her only customer. She doesn’t even bother asking Arya if she wants more coffee; she just pours some into her mug. Arya looks up for a moment to see the clock on the far wall strike 9 p.m. Scanning the room, she realizes for the first time that she’s the only one there. Arya glances out the window to her left into the city street. The snow is falling down gently and sticking to the ground. Her eyes scan over the area across the desolate road. The few streetlamps illuminate the night just enough for Arya to make out some of the nearby businesses. She smiles looking at Lyon’s Library, a place she ventures often.
Apr 21

The Four Elements

Destructive but beautiful
Painful to touch
Mesmerizing to see
Fire draws me in
Daring me to be a little dangerous
The smell of burning wood calms me
Brings me back to a time of tranquility
To a time of leisure and bliss
Something so primitive
Yet I never want to look away
Feeling the earth
Beneath my feet
Or laying in the grass all day
The ground is home
I’ve grown up with dirt not concrete
I can’t live without it
It feels cool
And smells like spring
The earth is my solid
Grounding me when I need it
Breathing in
Breathing out
Feeling the air travel into my lungs
I take it for granted too often
But the days I do remember are the best
I spend more time using my senses
Just breathing
Focusing on everything around
Nights are the best to stand outside
And look up at an infinite sky
I’ve always longed for water
Apr 19

Feeling Betrayed...Again

First you close my high school.
Now you’re trying to close my college.
I have to tell my story on this.
My name is Marina Sprague and I live in Chelsea, Vermont. I’m a high school senior in the early college VAST program at Vermont Technical College. (the Randolph campus)
Apr 10

A Feeling That No Words Can Capture

Stacks of books
Colors and fonts
Many different sizes
Small, large
Paperback, hardcover
Adventures I’ve read
Some I have yet to discover
A series about love, war, and magic
A book about horror and murder
Another is the story of a school shooting
The next is a gay romance
A book that changed my life
And a book that broadened my perspective
These stories keep me going
Help me through darkness
Some are just a friend I need
They teach me to feel love, anger, and all that’s in-between
I get lost within them
And I always come out changed
Some are torn
Some have stains
Some are bent from the sheer amount of times I’ve read them
Their words are strung so beautifully
Even when describing terror
They are perfect
I find a piece of me in each one
And the feeling they give me is so much more than just happiness
Apr 08

Process Of Writing

Draft after draft
And I keep erasing
Trying to write
Trying to create
Fusing the story
Building the characters
Yet still not finding
The correct words
Discovering a universe
Even bigger than I imagined
Consuming all my time
And each of my thoughts
Sucked into a world
Completely all its own
That started with a seed
And continues to grow
Each idea even bolder
Pushing the boundaries
Of my skills
But once it’s done
I know it’ll be worth it
Apr 06

Keep Pushing Forward

Research paper due yesterday
Two live meetings today
Don’t forget
Three lecture videos this week
Just for Biology
Eat food, drink coffee
No time to pass out
Several discussion forums
At least one for each class
Drink water
Don’t take anger out on family
They have their own struggles
Shit, the internet cut again
Take a break
Get a snack
Read in a textbook
You have six, pick one
Finish the damn research project
It’s already late
You are behind on work
Chill out
Don’t listen to the family yelling
It’s not worth the frustration
Email back your teachers
They want to know how you’re doing
Tell the truth
You’re struggling
But take responsibility
You are doing your best to stay sane
But it’s not enough
Because you can’t focus
And you are behind
Apr 04

A View Like No Other

360 degrees of mountains
Wind blowing through the open windows
Bird chirping from every direction
Nothing but rolling mountains
Some small, others huge
Some pointed, others round
I stand atop this fire tower
Completely alone
I do not feel lonely
I have the world right here with me
Savoring this moment a little longer
Before I must leave
Breathing in the cool spring air
Finally feeling like everything will be okay
Apr 03


Apr 02

All The Small Things

During this pandemic
While doing all classes online
Being with family all day
Stuck at home

It’s the small things
That keep me from breaking down
From the anger and sadness and frustration

A cup of tea to warm my soul
Cooking a meal with my mother
Getting a text from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while
Watching my tortoise explore my house
Reading a book for hours

Creating a painting of a sun
Because that is what my town is doing
We are in this together spreading sunshine
Despite being indoors
More and more suns are made everyday
Put on houses and shared online

It’s all the small things
That are keeping a smile on my face