Nov 14

Winter Landscape

Nov 09

The Pain Of Seeing You Cry

Nothing hurts me more in this world
Than seeing my big sis cry
I wish I could take away your pain
All I can do is comfort you the best I can
But I know I'm not good at it
I wish I could help more
You are everything to me
You have always been by my side
Always so stong and confident
I look up to you
So when I see you cry
and know there isn't much I can do to help
It hurts
I can't change why you are sad
But I want you to know just how much I love you
Out of all the people in this world
You are the only one
That makes me physically hurt
By seeing you upset
I just want to see you smile
And be happy all the time
I know that is unrealistic
Because all people have their ups and downs
But for you
That is all I wish

Nov 09

Dog + Snow = Happiness

Nov 06

Writing A Poem

Oct 25

Window Photos

Oct 21

Long Night Drives

There is a certain feeling
that accompanies long night drives
a feeling I can't quite describe
everything seems less real
like I'm a million miles away
all the lights seem distant
as if darkness itself
has changed our very existence
a feeling of tranquility
calm in a way
that feels primal
like this is how life should be
a feeling of wondering endlessly
in search of nothing
mentally on a different plane
just staring into the night
Oct 04

Why I write poetry

I write poetry
because I can make it
my own,
no rhyme
or reason,
any way that I want;
it helps me through
the bad days
and lets me remember
the good days.

I write poetry
for me,
and no one else.
It is mine to have.
I live by my words
and cherish the power
I wield with them.

I write poetry
to express myself,
to feel emotions,
to release anger.

But most importantly,

I write poetry because it makes me smile.
Sep 23

Capturing Fire

Sep 17

Nature Pictures