Jan 23

Losing A Home

This is the story of my Grange.
If you don’t know what that is, here is a definition:
It’s a fraternal organization in the U.S. that consists of families coming together to promote economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture.
Or more simply:
We do things to help our community.
I have many fond memories of that place.
I met some of my first friends there.
I’ve done so many activities as a kid there.
I was a part of the Junior Grange.
I remember when my Grange still had that.
One of the biggest memories I have is going to Grange camp.
I’m still friends with some of the people I met there.
They were from other towns and other Granges.
Then I turned 14 and was old enough to join my sister and parents in the Subordinate Grange.
Being with the adults somehow made it all more real.
I started noticing just how few members there are.
Jan 01

Here's To YWP

Here's to my second home.
Young Writers Project has helped me become who I am.

Here's to my English teacher who introduced me to YWP.
Here's to the interesting challenges that have sparked my creativity.
Here's to the positive feedback I received that kept me writing.
Here's to all the struggles that pushed me to keep fighting.
Here's to the tiny writes that sparked many conversations.
Here's to all the friends I’ve made through all our creations.
Here's to all my published writing that I never dreamed would be a thing.
Here’s to all the stories I’ve read that are so fascinating.
Here's to all the great photographers and artists that inspire.
Here’s to the people who work there that I admire.
Here's to the excitement I still get every time I write.
Here’s to the community I’d like to wish goodnight.
Dec 29

15 Words About Me

Dec 28
poem 0 comments challenge: CJP-Home

Here's To My Town

Here's to the town that raised me.
I may be leaving, but I'll come back one day.

Here's to the playground that sparked my imagination.
Here's to the girl I befriended because we both were by the Legos.
Here's to the three flights of stairs we had to climb in 5th grade.
Here's to that first book that made me addicted to reading.
Here's to the class clown that wanted to marry me in kindergarten.
Here's to the teachers who believed in me despite not believing in myself.
Here's to the boy who always knew when I needed a hug.
Here's to the art room where the misfits fit in.
Here's to my best friend who's on her own journey now.
Here's to the boy I never stopped thinking about.
Here's to my theater geeks: 'May the world be your stage.'
Here's to my math teacher who let me read in class.
Here's to the soccer team that I actually liked.
Here's to the kids who looked up to me because I was older.
Dec 20

Zodiac Signs

Dec 20

Sun + Snow

Dec 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Music


Inspired by the song Home by Daughtry

The beat take me back
to long car drives 
on seemingly endless interstates
Traveling home
from a different state
feeling connected by an invisable string
pulling me back to Vermont
and my hometown
staring out the window at night
watching the night grow longer
and the lights burn brighter
feeling the song rather than hearing it
a sense of the past 
to easier times
without a worry in the world
when I was young and carefree
along with my family
pillows and blankets
the lyrics make me feel suspended in time
in that very moment
only thinking of going home
Nov 15

Why I Meditate

Meditation is a way 
to calm my brain
calm my thoughts
calm the words

It's a way to relax
from all the stress,
worrying, and anxiety
that I feel every day 

It's a way for me 
to stay in control
and not lose myself
into the depths of my mind

It helps me focus
on just me
right here
this moment

Nov 15

What Happens In My Mind

I figure myself out
Through rhymes and verse
Often times feeling
Like it's a big curse

Expressing myself so plainly
With perfect sense to me
Realizing after that no one
Can see exactly what I see

So here I go again
Trying to write my mind
Hoping you will decipher
The meaning I left behind

Is a poet a poet
If the world doesn't understand
The words I string together
With my broken and bruised hands