Aug 30


Looking up in the night
I see a sky full of light

The darkness illuminated
By stars and everything related

It's like a beautiful canvas
Yet no one understands this

If only time would freeze
Then everything would ease

Almost like it was meant to be
Here for you and me
Aug 30


Its official.
They are shutting down our high school and there is nothing we can do about it.

I need time to process what this means so I walk to the dock near my house. There is a beautiful sunset filled with pinks and reds that reflect onto the lake. I sit down on the hard wood of the dock.
Why are they making us do this? Most of us have gone to this school since kindergarten. Why do they want to separate us? 
I feel tears roll down my cheeks as I continue to think about this change in my life.
I don't want to go to a different school. I don't want to leave my friends. I don't want to leave my teachers. I just don't understand.
I'm crying harder than before. The tears just won't stop. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up to see my sister. She sits down next to me but waits for me to say something first. 
Jun 22

The Tiger

Jun 17

Forever And Always

You make me smile
and my heart skip a beat
despite my world
collapsing at my feet

You keep me from breaking
and tearing myself apart
with just a few words
that you speak from your heart

You help me get through
everything that scares me
by always being here
wherever here may be

I love you so much
in so many ways
together, you and me
forever and always
Jun 17

The Perfect Night

The cool wind blows
as I sit by the fire
looking up at the sky
thinking about all I desire

The night is dark
but the moon shines bright
illuminating the world
with its precious light

I listen in silence
to little critters around
wishing the moon
would never go down

This feeling is perfect
if only it would stay
but sadly I must watch
it all go away 
Jun 17
poem 2 comments challenge: Three


Apr 24
fiction 2 comments challenge: One


“Why do you do that to yourself?”

“Please tell me. I'm really worried about you.”

“I don’t understand how pain can make you feel better.”

“No I don't, so please explain it to me.”

“Calm down. I’m just trying to help.”

“You may not want help but its something you need.”

“Please don't say that.”

“The world can be a happy place. You just have to find what you're meant to do.”

“If it helps then I'll say anything.”

“If words are just words, then why do you let them get to you?”
Apr 10


I may be tiny
but I shine bright
I illuminate the sky
in the dark of night

Many see me
and don’t think I matter
probably believing
I’m nothing but splatter

But the few who look
in hopes of finding me
know that I’m more
than I appear to be

Apr 04
poem 2 comments challenge: Rain

An Adventure In The Rain

I’m stuck in the rain
as it comes down faster
feeling like my life
Is nothing but a disaster

I’m stuck in the wilderness
on a hiking trip gone wrong
getting colder and colder
but trying to stay strong

I keep hiking the trail
in hopes I will see
something worth seeing
Staring back at me

I keep going on my way
till I come across a cave
that can keep me dry
and be the shelter I crave

When the rain stops
I leave the cave to discover
a sparkling wet landscape
that is unlike any other

Mar 27

My Best Friend

    The sky is just the right shade of blue. Not a cloud to be seen. I listen to the birds singing back and forth. I have climbed this tree almost everyday of my life since I can remember. It’s my home when I need comfort. It’s my sanctuary when I need an escape. I always come here alone. It’s my own personal tree and I don’t like to share it. I can see mountains and rivers from way up here. I feel free to think anything I want without restraint. It far enough away from town so all I ee is 360 degrees of pure nature.I feel bad for the tree. He only has me to keep him company. I am not the best but at least i’m something. We have grown up together. A weird as it sounds, I think he’s my best friend. We are always there for each other. I don't know what i will do without him when I go off to college. I’ll have to come and visit. I never knew how much a tree could impact my life. Seeing things from his perspective is a whole lot simpler than seeing things from mine.