May 01

The Stars

I believe in fate
And everything happens for a reason
I'm reminded of this every time I look at the stars
I like the feeling I get knowing something greater is out there
Somewhere, somehow
Everything big and small means something
I feel like I'm guided by the night sky
Taken on a journey
Forever wandering this planet
I fear nothing when I think of this invisible force
I like thinking this way
I'm at peace with this world
If there is anything I am certain of in life
It's that everything will be okay as long as I can see the stars

The stars are what make me truly happy
I can't explain this feeling
I see them and I just get lost
Marveling at the beautiful sight
I'm filled with so much joy
Yet not many people understand
This connection I have
The stars and I
It's my fate to love them
May 01

I Love

I love staring at a clear night sky for hours
I love to sit on my deck and paint the landscape
I love the smell of freshly cut grass and a campfire
I love to wander the forest by my house and take pictures from weird angles
I love to close my eyes and listen to the birds singing on a hot summer day
I love to read books while lounging in my bright orange bean bag chair
I love singing at the top of my lungs with music blasting from my speakers
I love chasing my dog all around the yard and tackling him
I love eating a chocolate lava cake while watching a movie with my sister
I love feeling the nerves I get right before acting on stage in front of an audience
I love going on a hike and being one with nature
I love fishing with my dad at our favorite lake
I love designing and creating a haunted house for my town
I love the taste of a smoothie any day of the year
Mar 14

Clear Nights

Late at night
When the moon is out
And the stars are bright
I sit here
Enjoying the cool air
And the sounds of darkness
My eyes always transfixed on the sky
Marveling at its beauty
At times like this
I'm grateful for solitude
The void in me is filled
And I'm alone but not lonely
Nature has a way of calming me
And teaching me to relax
And forget about humanity
If only for a little while

Dec 03
poem 4 comments challenge: General

Overrun By Books

I cry every time I read
I want those moments
The moments that give someone meaning
When I read those words and picture their lives
All I want is to be them
Or some version of them
Not the ones that have the perfect lives
Or the ones with the happy endings
But the ones who keep going no matter what the world throws at them
The ones who go on adventures
The ones who have a friend who they can talk about anything with
The ones who learn how to love
The ones who would do anything to be with the one they adore
The ones who enjoy their lives despite hardships
The ones who have a story to tell
Not always a good one
But one that will have an impact on at least one person

I'm not asking for a different life
All I want is to have those moments
And feel some of those feelings
And live a life that means something
I know I won't get my perfect fantasy
Dec 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Trees

Trees Awakening

I was walking the edge of the forest by my house
When I heard a slight squeal I considered a mouse

I turned to my left to see an emerging face
Coming out of the tree, 4 feet up the base

It looks at me with a sense of curiosity
Like I was the strange one and was the monstrosity

“I’ve spent so many years under a curse by a witch.
She kept us trees silent.” He says with a twitch

“Well, welcome back,” I reply disbelieving
“I think it's time for me to be leaving.”

“Don’t leave me,” He shouts as I walk quickly home
“I need your help to free my legs so I can roam.”

I must be sick and must be hallucinating
For surly that tree was not just communicating

I sit in the living room and as if it was mocking
The news reporter on tv said that trees were talking
Oct 09


Oct 09


I guess you could say i’m different

Driven by my dreams
Inspired by nature and animals
Fueled by the energy around
Fluent in crazy and weird
Excited about the unknown
Ready to sing in the rain
Eager to learn about my interests
Not going to let anything stop me
Tired but still moving forward

But everyone is different in their own way
Sep 24

Old Photos

My heart aches
as I look at these pictures
the memories
bring tears to my eyes

It truly sucks
how they just took it all away
they didn't care about
what we wanted

Everything is gone
just gone
and we can never
get it back
Sep 20

The Other World

There once was a girl named Alassa
who died protecting her love
this story would be tragic
if not for the magic
that was left for her from above

Soon after her death she realized
the world she knew had disappeared
but she was greeted by faces
and many embraces
from people who just suddenly appeared

She was told that this was the afterlife
a place where time stood still
everyone came here
no matter the year
and did whatever they wanted at will

Alassa realized that her hands were glowing
and asked what that was about
“Once the one you adore
comes here through the door
the glow will lead you to him and fade out”  

So she waited for the love of her life
and spent her time traveling
it was very captivating
and quite fascinating
As this world secrets were unraveling
Sep 04