Apr 10


Me: Hi.
​Him: Hey.
​Me: How has your day been?
Him: Good, how about yours?
​Me: Good.
​Him: So, what are some of the things you do in your spare time?
​Me: um, well I love reading and photography. What about you?
​Him: I love reading too.
​Me: Cool. What type of genre do you read?
​Him: Usually anything with an adventure. You?
​Me: I love practically anything like adventure, mystery, survival, anything other worldly.....If that makes sense.
​Him: Yeah, I love those too. How is book club going? I've seen you there a few times.
​Me: Well, I just finished the book really early so I have nothing to read. I usually stay up late on the weekends and read.
​Him: So you are free Saturday night.
​Me: Yeah, as far as I know.....Why?
​Him: I was wondering if you would um like to go to the movies with me.
​Me: Like on a date?
Him: I'll pick you up at seven.

Apr 10

Perfect. Nature.

        Perfect doesn't even begin to describe the feeling I felt when I took that picture: bright yellow with shining black. The American Goldfinch has always been my favorite bird. At the moment when I saw the picture, I stopped and marveled at the sight I had just captured, the bird just sitting on the bright blue birdfeeder, staring right back at me. I love photography, especially of nature and birds. I sit on my deck just listening and waiting. It's the best feeling just sitting outside and soaking up all that nature will give. That picture made it all worth it. There are not enough words to describe what I see when I look at that picture. I am obssessed with all things nature. Perfect. Such a perfect word. When I think of perfect, I think of nature and all animals.

Apr 03


Pitter Patter Pitter Patter
​The rain pounds on the roof
Flash, Crack, Bang
​lightning flashes and thunder crackles

He screams to let out his pain
​He cries continuously for hours and hours
He crushes an old shed into splinters
He is aware of the destruction he causes
​but he knows not how to stop himself
Drip, Drip, Drip
​Eventually he leaves to carry on his thoughts
somewhere else with someone else
​Tap, Tap, Tap

I feel bad for him
​He is always in a bad mood
always sobbing
always unhappy

I wish I could give him the sun
but he would probably give it back

​I wish I could always be there for him
but he would probably run away

​I wish I could help him
​but he is probably long gone

​I won't worry though
​He'll be back, someday
He always comes back
Apr 02


I fell into a dark hole
wondering how to get out

it’s weird
the things you learn
the people you miss
the things you appreciate

the places you wish to go
the sights you want to see
the ones that make you smile
and who you wish to be

it’s strange
what goes through the mind
when it thinks about all
that's happened in its time

wondering what will happen next
then you see a way out  
and you think to yourself
what is life really about
Apr 02

The Words Of Life

Mar 31


what a wonderfull sight to see
to see all the crystals fall
​crystals fall all around in piles
​in piles the snow grows big
​snow grows big and eventually heavy
eventually heavy that i'll have to shovel
i'll have to shovel the entire driveway
the entire driveway is seen for a day
a day that is sunny but turns back to snow
​back to snow again and agian
again and again i won't see grass
​grass thats accomponied by heat
​by heat the snow might melt
might melt in my dreams
​in my dreams its a lot warmer
​a lot warmer would be nice
​be nice if Mother Nature listened
​listened to our pleas
​our pleas barily peirce through snow
​through snow we can't see an end
​an end I assure you will come
​will come by the middle of summer
​summer at this rate will be covered in snow
Mar 30


They dance as the rain falls
They kiss under the moonlight
no one see’s for there is a wall
that blocks this fateful night

Everyone longs for this dream
in hopes it will come true
They want the shining gleam
but for now they wait for a clue

They gaze into each other’s eyes
not saying a word
letting the sun rise
listening to the wings of a hummingbird

Thinking about this
makes people say
they need this bliss
so they can get away
Mar 30

The Escape

     “I know it’s illegal, but it's the weekend,” Mike said to his friends.
     “He’s right; the weekend is our best chance to get out of this trap,” Kevin tried to say confidently.
     “Okay,” Mia replied, "everything is in place, right?”
     “Yeah,” Mike said, trying to convince the girls that escape was possible.
     Emily replied with a sudden burst of confidence, “If Jaden can do it, then we can do it.”
     It was decided. They were going to attempt an escape that very night. They all ate dinner with the rest of the kids and went to their rooms. Once the sun set, each of them gathered his or her few belongings and sneaked into the kitchen. They put together a backpack full of food and water. Then they went to the back door.
     “Put the baby powder on the touch padlock,” Kevin said to Mike.
     As Mike gently blew off the excess powder, they all heard a noise and froze.