Feb 17

The Power Of Overthinking

I feel like I’m annoying
And my anxiety makes it worse
Knowing I’m overreacting
Still feeling like it’s a curse
Overanalyzing all the words
That I hear all around
Twisting their every meaning
And hating their every sound
Beating myself up
For all my stupid thoughts
Feeling my head spin
And my stomach tie in knots
Everything seems wrong
Hating myself more
So overwhelmed with emotions
Battling this endless war
Lost with no one to turn to
Dying from within
Feeling so hopeless
Recounting all I’ve sin
Trying to hard to stay calm
And push these thoughts away
Letting the good and bad
All turn to grey
Wanting to just break down
And be done with my own brain
Wishing I was someone else
Who didn’t fight this pain
Feb 17

The Winter Photo

Slowly, I open my car door
One foot out
Then the other
The cold winter air hits my face and hands
I keep a tight grasp on my camera
Right hand holding the right side
Left hand gripping the long-range lens
Right index finger resting on the shutter button
I walk as quietly as I can across the dirt road
I can see the deer pick its head up
I stand still
It knows I’m here
Lifting the camera, I look through the lens
Zooming in and adjusting the focus
Barely breathing
All is still as I press down the button
Three times
Just in case
I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding
I look at my camera
Then back at where the deer use to be
Just like that, it’s gone
As if waiting for me to take its photo
Before disappearing into the unforgiving wilderness
Feb 14

To My Parents

A verse for my marvelous mother
Who I love with all my heart
I can’t imagine having a mom
Who wasn’t nearly as smart

A verse for my fantastic father
Who I love so dearly
Life is never dull with you
And I say that sincerely

I love our crazy conversations
And how much fun games can be
I live for our banter and sarcasm
Our laughter and our glee

Happy Valentine’s Day
To the parents I drive mad
I’m thankful being able to call
You my mom and dad

Feb 12

Meeting You

I wish I could describe exactly how I feel about you
The word 'love' just doesn't seem enough
When I'm with you I feel like I can do anything
I've never laughed as much as I have with you
Just your presence is enough to make me smile
You make me feel like I actually matter
I worry about the future and I think too much about the past
But with you, I am fully living in the present
And when we are apart, you are all I can think about
Meeting you has been the best thing that's happened to me in a long time
I will forever be grateful
Feb 04

Surrounded By Beauty

Feeling the grass underneath me
Staring up into the night sky
Marveling at its beauty

Wondering about everything and nothing
Never wanting this to end
Enjoying the moment

Feeling like everything is alright
Intrigued by the stars
Loving the view

I reach for the hand laying beside me
I look over and find a friend smiling
Nothing is better than this
Jan 30

The Artist

The artist sits in the middle of the naturally lit room. Paintbrush in hand and canvas on his lap. A small ceramic mug of water sits to his left while a line of colorful paints sits to his right. He wears a spiral tie dye t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. His facial expression suggests he’s in pain, but any other artist knows he is just deep in thought. The room is filled with giant windows reaching from ceiling to floor. His canvas displays various blues and whites, matching the sky seen through the windows. He sits on a drop cloth that’s half bunched up. What was once used to keep the floors clean of paint, is now only doing half of its job. Paintbrushes of various size and thickness are scattered all around. The white wall directly behind the artist is blocked by various sized easels displaying his life’s passion. Each painting consists of the beautiful colors of nature.
Jan 28


The room grows louder
It's getting harder to focus
I turn my head trying to decipher my surroundings
Trying not to make a sound
My heart races faster
I can feel the tears building up in my eyes
I try to blink them away
Hoping desperately that no one is looking at me
What if they are?
I probably look crazed
Or like I'm about to pass out
Oh, wait
Maybe I am about to pass out
The voices are back
I can hear everything all at once
My head feel like its going to explode
I need to stay
I need to focus
I need to get all my work done
But I'm frozen
I feel sick
I need to escape
I hope no one notices me leaving
I hope no one trys to stop me
I hope I don't draw any attention
I force myself to walk calmly out of the room
Tears streaming down my face the moment I leave the threshold
I walk straight out of the building
The cold winter air hit me
Jan 23
poem challenge: HOME-Contest

Losing a home

This is the story of my Grange.
If you don’t know what that is, here is a definition:
It’s a fraternal organization in the U.S. that consists of families coming together to promote economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture.
Or more simply:
We do things to help our community.
I have many fond memories of that place.
I met some of my first friends there.
I’ve done so many activities as a kid there.
I was a part of the Junior Grange.
I remember when my Grange still had that.
One of the biggest memories I have is going to Grange camp.
I’m still friends with some of the people I met there.
They were from other towns and other Granges.
Then I turned 14 and was old enough to join my sister and parents in the Subordinate Grange.
Being with the adults somehow made it all more real.
I started noticing just how few members there are.
Jan 01

Here's To YWP

Here's to my second home.
Young Writers Project has helped me become who I am.

Here's to my English teacher who introduced me to YWP.
Here's to the interesting challenges that have sparked my creativity.
Here's to the positive feedback I received that kept me writing.
Here's to all the struggles that pushed me to keep fighting.
Here's to the tiny writes that sparked many conversations.
Here's to all the friends I’ve made through all our creations.
Here's to all my published writing that I never dreamed would be a thing.
Here’s to all the stories I’ve read that are so fascinating.
Here's to all the great photographers and artists that inspire.
Here’s to the people who work there that I admire.
Here's to the excitement I still get every time I write.
Here’s to the community I’d like to wish goodnight.
Dec 29

15 Words About Me