Dec 12

Mermaid Painting

Dec 03
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Inspired by the song Home by Daughtry

The beat take me back
to long car drives 
on seemingly endless interstates
Traveling home
from a different state
feeling connected by an invisable string
pulling me back to Vermont
and my hometown
staring out the window at night
watching the night grow longer
and the lights burn brighter
feeling the song rather than hearing it
a sense of the past 
to easier times
without a worry in the world
when I was young and carefree
along with my family
pillows and blankets
the lyrics make me feel suspended in time
in that very moment
only thinking of going home
Nov 15

Why I Meditate

Meditation is a way 
to calm my brain
calm my thoughts
calm the words

It's a way to relax
from all the stress,
worrying, and anxiety
that I feel every day 

It's a way for me 
to stay in control
and not lose myself
into the depths of my mind

It helps me focus
on just me
right here
this moment

Nov 15

What Happens In My Mind

I figure myself out
Through rhymes and verse
Often times feeling
Like it's a big curse

Expressing myself so plainly
With perfect sense to me
Realizing after that no one
Can see exactly what I see

So here I go again
Trying to write my mind
Hoping you will decipher
The meaning I left behind

Is a poet a poet
If the world doesn't understand
The words I string together
With my broken and bruised hands
Nov 14

Winter Landscape

Nov 09

The Pain Of Seeing You Cry

Nothing hurts me more in this world
Than seeing my big sis cry
I wish I could take away your pain
All I can do is comfort you the best I can
But I know I'm not good at it
I wish I could help more
You are everything to me
You have always been by my side
Always so strong and confident
I look up to you
So when I see you cry
and know there isn't much I can do to help
It hurts
I can't change why you are sad
But I want you to know just how much I love you
Out of all the people in this world
You are the only one
That makes me physically hurt
By seeing you upset
I just want to see you smile
And be happy all the time
I know that is unrealistic
Because all people have their ups and downs
But for you
That is all I wish

Nov 09

Dog + Snow = Happiness

Nov 06

Writing A Poem

Oct 25

Window Photos

Oct 21

Long Night Drives

There is a certain feeling
that accompanies long night drives
a feeling I can't quite describe
everything seems less real
like I'm a million miles away
all the lights seem distant
as if darkness itself
has changed our very existence
a feeling of tranquility
calm in a way
that feels primal
like this is how life should be
a feeling of wondering endlessly
in search of nothing
mentally on a different plane
just staring into the night