Nov 06

Writing A Poem

Oct 25

Window Photos

Oct 21

Long Night Drives

There is a certain feeling
that accompanies long night drives
a feeling I can't quite describe
everything seems less real
like I'm a million miles away
all the lights seem distant
as if darkness itself
has changed our very existence
a feeling of tranquility
calm in a way
that feels primal
like this is how life should be
a feeling of wondering endlessly
in search of nothing
mentally on a different plane
just staring into the night
Oct 04

Why I write poetry

I write poetry
because I can make it
my own,
no rhyme
or reason,
any way that I want;
it helps me through
the bad days
and lets me remember
the good days.

I write poetry
for me,
and no one else.
It is mine to have.
I live by my words
and cherish the power
I wield with them.

I write poetry
to express myself,
to feel emotions,
to release anger.

But most importantly,

I write poetry because it makes me smile.
Sep 23

Capturing Fire

Sep 17

Nature Pictures

Aug 27

Brand New Friend

I always have trouble talking to a stranger
It's something that's just not in my nature
But this is a new school and new year
Might as well try, I have nothing to fear
So I got the courage to ask him his name
Then I saw the book in his hand and knew we were the same
We shared our interests on various books and stories
finding out that we love the same categories
And before I could think and comprehend
I ended up having a brand new friend
Jul 31

A Single Moment