Jul 31
poem 1 comment challenge: Cafeteria

Remembering The Years

Kindergarten smelled like plastic and looked like chaos. I remember playing with lots of toys.
First grade smelled like chalk and looked like confusion. I remember the chalkboards filled with small words.
Second grade smelled like nature and looked like recess. I remember running around the playground no matter the sun, rain, or snow. 
Third grade smelled like something new and looked like exhaustion. I remember climbing the extra steps to get to my new classroom.
Forth grade smelled like scented pencils and looked like books. I remember everyone had one of those pencils while I had books.
Fifth grade smelled like paper and looked like Pokemon cards. I remember having lots of homework and even more cards to trade.
Sixth grade smelled like rubber and looked like a long hallway. Middle school was terrifying with high schoolers a few feet away. 
Jul 25

Nature Shapes

Jul 25

Tree Of Wonder

Jul 24

Monochrome Photos

Jul 18
poem 1 comment challenge: Ties

Spontaneous Tradition

My family doesn't have many traditions.
That's a tradition in itself.
We are all very busy.
So that makes us spontaneous.
If my parents find out they have a day off, 
then we will find something for all of us to do.
Sometimes we feel like life has just kept us working.
So we plan a weekend road trip.
Even when one of us is joking around,
Another says "lets do it."
I love this part of us.
It's nice to take breaks from the chaos of life
and just spend time with family.
We do have some traditions, mostly around holidays.
But I like our spontaneity more. 
Jul 17

Music and cookies

The beat flows through me
as I dance around the kitchen
singing at the top of my lungs

Using the spatula as a mic
not staying still for a moment
and mixing the cookie dough with a smile

Putting the cookies in the oven
turning up Elton John's "Crocodile Rock"
And flailing my limbs like crazy

Starting to smell the banana and chocolate
knowing these cookies are going to taste delicious
finally taking them out and trying my creation

This moment is perfect -
in my own little world -
not worrying about anything else

Totally worth it
This is a good day
Simply amazing
Jun 25

Latest Bird Pictures

Jun 25

Depth Photos

Jun 19
poem 2 comments challenge: Junk

The Opel

Some would say "junk"
I would say the "Opel"
Some would say "broken"
I would say "repairable"
Some would say "ugly"
I would say "cute"
Some would say "not worth it"
I would say "worth the time"
Some would say "just fix it"
I would say "not yet"
Some would ask "why not now?"
I would answer "I don't want it to change just yet."
Jun 18
rant 1 comment challenge: Tell it!


An issue that matters to me? That's easy. I don't like the closing of small schools (school consolidation). I don't think the state should have the right to close a school, especially one that has  been around for so long, to save money (which it didn't). I don't want to hear all the 'it will give students school choice' or 'students will get better options/educations in bigger schools'. We were doing just fine. Our town is a small community. What makes you think we want a bigger school? We are used to small and we like it. I don't like that the town had the option to close my high school. WHY DON'T YOU ASK THE KIDS THAT ACTUALLY GO THERE? I want everyone to know my story on this.