Apr 10


I may be tiny
but I shine bright
I illuminate the sky
in the dark of night

Many see me
and don’t think I matter
probably believing
I’m nothing but splatter

But the few who look
in hopes of finding me
know that I’m more
than I appear to be

Apr 04
poem 2 comments challenge: Rain

An Adventure In The Rain

I’m stuck in the rain
as it comes down faster
feeling like my life
Is nothing but a disaster

I’m stuck in the wilderness
on a hiking trip gone wrong
getting colder and colder
but trying to stay strong

I keep hiking the trail
in hopes I will see
something worth seeing
Staring back at me

I keep going on my way
till I come across a cave
that can keep me dry
and be the shelter I crave

When the rain stops
I leave the cave to discover
a sparkling wet landscape
that is unlike any other

Mar 27

My Best Friend

    The sky is just the right shade of blue. Not a cloud to be seen. I listen to the birds singing back and forth. I have climbed this tree almost everyday of my life since I can remember. It’s my home when I need comfort. It’s my sanctuary when I need an escape. I always come here alone. It’s my own personal tree and I don’t like to share it. I can see mountains and rivers from way up here. I feel free to think anything I want without restraint. It far enough away from town so all I ee is 360 degrees of pure nature.I feel bad for the tree. He only has me to keep him company. I am not the best but at least i’m something. We have grown up together. A weird as it sounds, I think he’s my best friend. We are always there for each other. I don't know what i will do without him when I go off to college. I’ll have to come and visit. I never knew how much a tree could impact my life. Seeing things from his perspective is a whole lot simpler than seeing things from mine.
Mar 15
poem 1 comment challenge: Sure

For Sure

One thing I know for sure
Is how unsure I am.
I am always pondering
and questioning life's aspects.
Life's aspects are so complex
that my brain can’t understand.
Understand I cannot but
not for lack of trying,
trying hard to think of
anything at all I know for sure.
For sure there must be something
I know to be absolutely true.
Absolutely true is how unsure I am
that I don’t know one thing that I know for sure.

Mar 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Realize


In that moment
I realized
Just how much
I despised
Every single
That your mouth
My anger
Just keeps rising
As you
Continue criticizing
I don’t
Really care
But you keep
On with that stare
Feb 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Love

My Many Loves

Bright blue sky
Cool breeze
Sun’s rays
Green grass
Birds chirping all around
Slow moving white puffy clouds
Not a care in the world

Lots of colors
Painted canvas
Acrylic paints
Different sized brushes
Soft music
Inspiring ideas

Kicking the ball
Traveling down the field
Running and guarding
Keeping an eye on the ball
Adrenaline rush
Ticking clock
Blocking the shot

Staying still
Listening for birds
Snapping the shot
Hoping for perfection
Walking aimlessly
Enjoying the moment
Looking from new perspectives

Autumn nights
Marshmallows and smores
Movies and popcorn
Tea and books
Long walks

Feb 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Forest

The Endless Forest

I go into the forest
The forest thickens
Thickens all around
Around me animals hurry
Hurry in every direction
Every direction is blocked
Blocked with vines and branches
Branches sticking out
Out of many trees
Trees are endlessly tall
Tall yet rising higher
Higher till the sky is gone
Gone from my view
My view is closing
Closing the deeper I go
I go into the forest

Jan 26


Winter days
cool the air.
Snow falling
Ice sculptures
and snowball fights.
Lots of layers
with freezing nights.

Spring days
with lots of flowers.
Birds chirping
and rain showers.
Beauty returning
to the landscape
with bright colors
and new shapes. 

Summer days
warm my heart
when I think about all
of natures art.
Blue skies
and the suns blaze.
Warm nights
and the moons rays.

Autumn days
bring color and spice.
My personal
little paradise.
Cool breezes
and perfect weather
for lots of movies
and nights to remember.

Jan 18
poem 4 comments challenge: Slam

Your Lies

It was a normal conversation
Then you told your tale
I said nothing at all
just to see it derail

Every time you speak
a lie comes out
You think I am fooled
but I know without a doubt

In the beginning it was hard
to contain all my rage
But now I just watch
you on your little stage

You say many things
impressive if true
But I know they’re not
so go find somebody new

Dec 21

What I Like

I like hiking up mountains by myself with a cool breeze and a extraordinary view.
​I like taking pictures of everything from different perspectives especially of birds.
​I like lying on the grass on a hot summer day to just feel the warmth of the suns rays on my skin.
​I like to read books by the fire sipping hot chocolate on a cool winter day.
​I like leaning on my boyfriend and talking about anything and everything that pops in my mind.
​I like going camping with my family and dog to a different place every year.
​I like writing poems about whatever emotion I feel at that exact moment.
​I like the feeling of nerves right before performing on stage in front of a big crowd.
​I like listening to music and really listening to the lyrics and hopelessly connecting them to my life.