Oct 17

Winter Survival

I remember always loving winter. My sister and I liked to play survival games outside in the snow when we were little. We watched a lot of survival shows so that is probably where we got the idea. We would pretend we crashed in Greenland or got lost while in the Iditarod. Creating the scenario was just as fun as acting it out. Some days, when we had a lot of cardboard in the house, we would pile it up and light it as if our lives depended on the heat it created. Next, we would search for twigs or anything we could burn throughout our yard. When we got bored of that, we would find shelter somewhere. Sometimes it was made out of snow and other times it was made of tree limbs that had fallen down. We did this in other season as well but I always has the most fun in winter. The weather seemed like the perfect survival situation. Sometimes we would bring out dog out so he could play too.
Oct 10
fiction 3 comments challenge: Go

My Unusual Trip

            I wake up to the sound of cars leaving the driveway. I jump up to look out the window in time to see my dad driving away. I mentally freak out a little, knowing that he was my ride to school. I have a big test today that I can’t miss. I search the house for a note, and sure enough, I find one on the kitchen table:
            Take the bus. Something came up. I’ll explain later. Love, Dad
            I look at the clock to find that I only have ten minutes until the bus normally reaches my house. I quickly get dressed, feed my dog, and make toast. I walk out the door with my backpack on one shoulder, my soccer bag on the other, and toast in my hand. I wait at the bottom of my driveway for the bus which should arrive any minute now.
Sep 26

The Perfect Sunset

My photo is of the sun setting by my house. I find it inspiring because I can almost feel like I am there every time I look at it. I live on a mountain and there is another mountain across the valley. Every night I can see this beautiful array of yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks just above the mountain. Turning 180 degrees I can see another array of colors, this time of dark blues. It makes me feel like there is nothing in this world that can go wrong. It is the true definition of beauty. I think it portrays life in the simplest form possible. It always makes me think that even though my life is going in a million directions, there is still time to enjoy nature’s beautiful moments. This picture reminds me of home. I have taken pictures in that same spot on various occasions for many different reasons. There is a certain comfort knowing that I can see this sight almost every night.
Sep 17

Vermont Is My Life

Vermont. Where do I start. I have been here all my life. It is all I know. Vermont is my home. To me, Vermont is unique. It looks different everyday, the weather always changes, and there is always something new to see.
Sep 17


My love for you will never get old.
You are my everything, you are my gold.

Your eyes shine brighter than any light
and your smile makes all my feelings take flight.

I love you more than words can say
but I hope they are enough to make you stay.

We can feel invincible together
and take on this world no matter the weather.

Everytime we touch you make my pain melt.
It's the best feeling I have ever felt.

You have to admit we fit like a glove.
I am happy to say you are my true love.

You may not fly or have a plan
but you will always be my superman.

May 10
poem 1 comment challenge: Unsaid

The Words Unsaid

I should have told him
I should have said
What was in my heart
​What was in my head

I thought he felt
​the same way
but I let my thoughts
drift him away

​We could have been
​something more
but I let him just
walk out the door

It could have been us
we could have had it all
​but you let her be the one
to break your wall

​I sit here alone
wondering about what's ahead
​and pondering over
​the words unsaid
May 06

I Am The One Who...

​I am the one who reads her heart out.
​I am the one who loves to perform on stage.
​I am the one who paints and draws.
​I am the one who defends the goal.
​I am the one who photographs the picture of a lifetime.
​I am the one who dreams of fairytales.
​I am the one who lives to be outside.
​I am the one who loves all things nature.

​I am the one with a million hobbies.

​I am the one who cares too much.
I am the one who gives to many chances.
​I am the one who overreacts.
​I am the one who loves too much.
I am the one who never gives up.
I am the one who speaks her mind.
I am the one who gets back up.
​I am the one who won't get defeated.

​I am the one who will always stay strong.
Apr 24

My Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is hearing people chew. It grosses me out and it drives me INSANE. My family( my parents especially ) chew really loudly. It is so hard to eat in the same room as them. Just writing this makes me cringe so I am going to move on.

Another one of my pet peeves is hen people try and one-up me for no reason. When I was in elementary school, my dog died and I was so sad. I told one of my friends when they asked what was wrong and after they immediately said "Well, 2​ of my dogs just died." The person doesn't have any dogs so it made me mad. It was not like I wanted to make that person pity me, its just that person asked me what was wrong.

My next pet peeve is when someone ASSUMES I am in a bad mood. My dad does this way too much. He will always say "Why are you angry", "What made you grumpy" , or "so now your in a bad mood, great". I am usually not in a bad mood until they assume I am and that is what makes me mad.
Apr 20

I'm Just A House

I'm just a house,
standing on the ground,
just waiting for the next,
family to come around.

Day after day,
more come and go,
saying I'm ugly,
​and not meant to show.

No one want me,
​I guess that's how it will be,
some are meant to shine,
​and others are like me.

​Just as I'm
about to give up,
​a family walks through,
with two kids and a pup.

​"Mommy its great"
the little boy said,
​on his way up the stairs,
​to his future new bed.

Looks like it's a deal,
they seem rather nice,
​I want them to stay,
they came back twice.

They moved in fast,
quick as a mouse,
but what can I say,
I'm just a house.

Apr 11

The Journal

I dug through my backpack pulling everything out. I needed it for a hiking trip that my classmates were going on for our tenth anniversary from graduating high school. None of us had talked at all since we went our separate ways. I pulled out the last thing from my backpack and stared at it. It was my English writing journal. I forgot I even had it. I decided not to read it until the hiking trip. I put it back in the bag along with my hiking gear. I thought it would be fun to read it aloud to everyone since most of it was about them. No one had realized it at the time but I had been writing about my high school life so I could remember the moments.
​When we stopped for lunch at the top of the hill I informed everyone of what I found in my old backpack. At first everyone was a little nervous about what I had wrote about them. I assured them that I probably would not write anything bad about them in a school journal.