Mar 22
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Not finished yet.....

   Still working on the ending for this, and I'd love some feedback!
The leaves crunched under her feet as she trudged along. The gentle breeze lifted her hair, and the trees swayed lazily. The canopy of colored leaves above her was thick, but still let in the warm October sun. It was perfect weather, a perfect scene, a perfect day.

     Lillian noticed none of it. Her entire focus was centered on putting one foot in front of the other. She scowled down at her beaten down black boots. Crunch, crunch. She didn’t allow herself to think; not about today, not about the test she had failed…...she shook her head vigorously, trying to clear her it of everything. She bit her lip to hold back the scream behind her lips and the tears behind her eyes and stomped even harder, letting her problems wreck holes in the earth below her. Crunch, crunch.
Jan 26
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Headache Cures

  Have you ever had a headache that just won’t go away? One that has you pounding your head and massaging your temples to no avail? Well, worry no more, because here are three easy, fast, completely reliable, scientifically proven cures for the dreaded headache.

1.  Tickle your nose with a feather.  This is an almost instantaneous remedy. The trick is, you cannot sneeze. Everyone knows that if you sneeze while you have a splitting migraine, it always results in a painful concussion. But if you hold in the sneeze, you will concentrate so hard on the task that you won’t notice the ache in your head. As soon as you can’t feel it, let the sneeze out. We guarantee your headache will be gone!
Jan 22
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My 50 Word Saga: The Earliest Felony

Dec 26
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The Storm

I wrote this piece last year for a sound prompt and only just re-discovered it. It would be great to get some feedback on it, because I really haven't looked at it closely and want to improve on it.
Dec 15
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Christianity And Me

I am Christian.

I am not ashamed of that fact

Nor do I broadcast it.

I am Christian.

I believe in equality

and turning the other cheek

and worshipping every Sunday

and praying each night.

I am Christian.

I respect other faiths

I do not try to force mine

on others who have different beliefs

because contrary to certain people’s ideas

we can all co-exist peacefully

Be we Jewish



or Buddhist.

At the root of all these

is the thought of standing tall

Being kind

And believing in something bigger than ourselves.

I am Christian.

I have endured hateful remarks

like “Go back to church”

and “Oh, you can’t do this; it’s not church-ey.”
Dec 11
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The Story Of The Sun

        Long ago, the world was dark and sad. All the people wandered aimlessly around in the frigid cold fog. The worst part was, they didn’t know what they were missing. They went about their days with no feeling, no purpose. It had always been this way; even the moon and stars could not be seen through the layer of ashen gray that covered the world.
Nov 17
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Here I am.

Standing, alone, in a crowded hallway

Craning my neck to see

Above the many heads.

And there you are.

At the center of it all

I can hear you

Even from here

Talking and laughing

With the giant group

Clustered around you

Blocking you from sight

So that the only ones

Who can recognize you

Know you well

Or used to, anyway.

I push my way through

The loud throngs of people

And pass right into

Your line of vision

You do not hesitate

Your face does not change

Your noisy chattering does not miss a beat.

You turn away as soon

As you get a glimpse of me.

You look

But do not see.

I see.

I see your change

Who you used to be
Nov 17
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Attacks On Paris

It makes my blood boil
the unfairness
the sadness
the fear
these innnocent people have to endure.
The terrorists
justify their means
by taking verses 
from their sacred religious book
out of context.
They want power
and don't care which lives stand in their way.
129 people's lives lost
More than 300 injured
These numbers cut into me
like a knife
I wish they'd stop
Stop hurting these people
who hold their heads high
and have committed no crime
Stop giving their religion
a bad name
because people are now
prejudiced against Muslims
because they are scared of the maybes.
Maybe they have come to hurt us
Maybe they will infiltrate our government
Maybe if we shut them out, they'll go away.
They assume things
before getting to know people.
But also
thank you, terrorists.
Nov 11
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3 Six Word Stories About Courage

Nov 10
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I Watch

She is born.
The joy on her parent's faces is indescribable,
as they look down at her tiny, beautiful face.
The hold her tightly in their arms,
and her crying slowly subsides,
as she is lulled into sleep.
I watch.
She is toddling forward
grasping tightly onto her pretend baby carrier
Her parents speak in high, enthusiastic voices
and cheer when she takes her first wobbling steps 
before she collapses into them.
I watch.
She is at the door of a building,
with adults speaking in soothing tones
to children bouncing around on brightly colored toys
She holds onto her father's leg
hiding from this strange new place.
her father gently extracts himself,
She starts wailing and sobbing
as he hands her to a woman
who whispers in her ear
Her cries grow louder
as she reaches and yells for her father over the woman's shoulder.