Nov 10
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What Important Means

 I was lying on my bed reading my favorite book for the umpteenth time,and just I was starting to get into the story, my mother burst into my room. The moment I (reluctantly) looked up from my book, I knew immediately something was wrong. My mother’s face was white as chalk, and I could see her shaking hard. Come to think of it, my mother hardly ever bursts into rooms either; she normally knocks and softly treads in. I sat up quickly, crossed the room, and put a hand on her elbow. “Mom?  What’s wrong?” She took a deep breath and her uncontrollable shaking subsided into shivering. “Kaitlin,” she said, trying valiantly to keep her voice steady. “We’re leaving.” Bewildered, I asked “Why? We only just got back! If it’s an errand or something, can we..

“No.” She cut me off. “We...we might not be back for a while.”

Now I was downright confused. “What? Why would we…”

Again, she interrupted. “No time to explain! We have to go right now.”
Oct 15
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The Little Girl, The Owl, and Me

I sit on a bench in the park, doing my work. As usual, I have waited until the last minute to finish, because I couldn't focus indoors when the bright fall foliage seemed to be beckoning me outside. I finally decided that enough was enough and I would just write outside. It was depressing anyhow; too many edits on this new manuscript I had sent out. I set it down, and rub my temples in an attempt to get rid of the headache the highly demanding editing has caused me. I sit back and look at the crisply colored leaves on the trees; the regal reds, the striking oranges, the cheerful yellows, and the meadow greens. I can feel myself relaxing; nature always does that to me. I then see a young girl, I'm guessing around seven. She is practically dragging her mother into the park, pointing wildly.  I look across the park to where she's indicating and see a man yelling about his offer to let anyone with three dollars hold the barn owl on his shoulder.
Sep 25
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The Three Synonyms for The Word Hate

I hate people using the word hate. It's just so bland, overused, and overrated. It lacks meaning all together because of it's constant practice. See, if someone says, in a fit of rage or as a joke to a loved one, "I hate you!", they probably don't mean it, and it could hurt someone's feelings. Or if someone says, "Urgh, I hate this class", they probably haven't done a project in that subject they are enthusiastic about! In my opinion, hate should be reserved for wars, lack of social and political justice, and brussel sprouts. If you must express your strong disliking or fury for something, I ask you a favor on behalf of all of us who like variety of language. Please use one of these synonyms: loathe, detest, despise. Sure, there are more: you could use abhor or abominate, and I would have great respect for you if you did, but I think these are easier to remember and say.
Sep 24
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The Future

Tuesday, Juliuso 51st, 2723

Dear Journal,
     I’m writing this in hope that far in the future, people will read this and change the culture back to what it was long ago. I have read those books; where for one, books were made out of paper(!!!!), and there was a real sun that gave warmth, and everything technological was 2D, and there were actually temperatures,and not fake ones inside; outdoors! And people got to vote, and they had something called a “president”. Also, money was called dollars, and not silverni, and most shocking of all...there were no robots! But I’m getting off track. I have to do what one child in a million has to do….go on a one-way mission to space, to find other life. It all started yesterday…..

Nancy had expected this phone call for years. But now she was stunned and her mother sounded bewildered.