Apr 15


Notice me.  
Take a look.  
You will see how hurt I am and this is because of you.  
I try to talk to you but you wave me away like a fly.
You and your horrible friends exclude, and make me feel so awful inside.  
It makes me wonder why I ever wanted to be friends with you.
I thought you were nice but you are evil inside and out.
I am changing my ways because of you.  
Just yesterday I was fine, but today I am crying.
You make me lose hope and all of my happiness.
I am pushing away the people I love and want to be alone.
I never wanted to be like this.  
Alone and afraid.
So take notice of me my friends and see the way I am living.
You think your lives are so hard but you don’t recognize the other people around you.
Me, the person who looked up to you because of all of your friends.  
Me, the person who wanted to be like you.
Oct 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Greeting


Um, I'm still here.
Even though you ignore me, I'm still standing in front of you.
You look right through me, like a ghost in the mist.
You pretend I'm not here, a non existant being.
Well, you can ignore me but I won't go away.
I don't know what I did to make you so upset, but I'm not sorry.
You're the one ignoring me and I don't deserve it.
No one deserves to be ignored.
I hope you'll come to your senses someday and apologize.
But until then, you still ignore me.
Um Hello!  I'm still here.

Sep 05
poem 1 comment challenge: Nerves

First Day

It's the first day.
First day of High School.
Time to fit in, time to be cool.
So many people crowding the hallway, talking to their friends.
New people, new classes, new world, everything else ends.
Right here, right now.
I want to get to class but how?
I feel so small, a seedling below a tree.
Don't fail.  Nothing less than a C.
I look around for a familiar face, but everything is a blur.
A teacher waves to me.  Good morning sir!
Saying hi to a teacher?  Is that right?
I see circle of friends that's tight.
Oh that's right.
It's the first day.
I'm ignored and shut out with nothing else to say.
Time to move on, time to run.
The bell has rung, the first day has begun.
Aug 22


There are so many lies one can say.
The scale changes depending on the lie itself.
But why even lie?  Why not just be honest and tell the truth?
If you lie, you'll most likely be digging yourself a deeper hole of despair.
You see, when you tear a leaf from a tree, it will grow back, possibly into more than one leaf.
Lying is a million leaves torn from the same tree.
But the tree just keeps supplying you with the leaves of lies.
As you tear off more of the leaves, the tree will become taller than any other.
The lie worse than any other.

Feb 27


Friends are supposed to be there for you.
Friends are people you can make memories with.
But what if they're not there anymore to make memories with you?
What if they've been shot and killed?
What if they died before they got to the hospital?
Friends are with you when you go to school.
Friends laugh with you and have fun with you.
They come to your house sometimes and play with your dog.
They understand you and they are weird like you.
At least they were before they were shot.
What if we took away guns?
What if?
That is the question.
Feb 27

I know

I know things.  Bad things.
I know it got worse.
I know they can die.
I know they loved me.
I know nothing can stop it.
I know they were once normal.
I know time is running out.
I know I'm too late.
Jan 04


Winter, oh winter, "What fun!" I say.
You bring me snow to play in all day.
To sled, make snowmen, ice skate, and ski.
Oh winter, oh winter, the fun I've had.
Winter, oh winter you make me glad.
How little it takes to make my day.
The smallest snowflake can start a flurry.
But no rush, I'm in no hurry.
I have time to read by the fire, before I go out to play.
Winter, oh winter, we all shout "Horray!"
For when you come, you make our day.

Jan 02


Empty.  Just like my mind.
Down the path and through the woods with only the moon to comfort me.
I found an empty shed at the end of this long trail.
It's my only shelter, away from the sorrows that are outside that door.
The madness that almost took hold of me.
I stand in this empty shed scared of what's waiting for me outside.
I open the door a crack and see an eye staring back at me.
The shed still stands.  Empty.
Jan 02


It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong.
I woke up at 7:00 like always.  The routine was, wake up, get dressed, eat, brush teeth, walk to the bus stop, school, library, home, dinner, bath, brush teeth, read, go to sleep, repeat.
So to start I got dressed. 
As always, I wore jeans and a cute shirt.
I walked downstairs with a smile on my face and all of a sudden I knew something was wrong.
My family had a routine too.  EVERYONE had a routine and we always ran by it.
But I didn't smell coffee or hear the happy chatter of Rose.
There was one other time when we were all off because the power went out but I didn't think this was one of those times.
Just to make sure I flipped the hall light switch up but the light came right on.  
"Something's up."  I thought.
Little did I know that was just the beginning.  
Oct 30

I am from

I am from the whisper of the wind, the sound of feet running.
I am from the small village, kids playing in the park.
I am from the house at the end of the road, tall and wide.
I am from the care of my grandmother, seeing my parents every week.
I am from the love and laughter of my family, surrounded by Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins.
I am from car rides from here to there, place to place.
I am from the place in my heart where everything is right.