May 07
poem 2 comments challenge: Unsaid

The Unsaying

They are the ones
who leave things unsaid.
grabbing the thought with their tongues
Before it slips through their lips,
like standing only steps from the waves
that wash the shore,
but not close enough
to brush their timid toes.

They are the ones
who leave things unsaid,
thinking before saying,
and recycling those thoughts
until they are tired of overthinking,
as if they were old wheels breaking,
and only spinning when a low wind
aomes spiraling through.

They are the ones
who leave things unsaid.
But they have grown into it,
speaking only when prompted,
and never adding more,
because their tongues grab the words
like moss engulfing a tree.
May 03
poem 2 comments challenge: Family

Summer Afternoons

The mother maneuvers through the steamy kitchen,
while the father sets silverware around plates for cooked chicken.
The brother barks for the dog to go eat,
while the sister slips into the white cottage with sandy feet.

The wristwatches count to six o’clock,
so the bodies begin to slowly flock.
The chairs come out and bottoms fill their seats,
so the hands hold each other and pray for good eats.

They sit at the dining room table,
the family of four,
five if you count the dog on the floor,
finally together filling their faces with food,
and pleasing the air with a calming mood.
Finally together, but not necessarily new,
on this serene, summer afternoon.