Jul 05
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I Believe There is More Than Us

There's a field near my house that holds something big. Secrets and history and knowledge, and everything that is unknown to me. In the winter, a soft coat of snow covers it like a fluffy blanket, making it look like an endless spread of white. In the spring bright yellow daisies grow from the ground, eager to blow in the wind. I long to run through them and lie with them. In the summer, wildflowers spring from the ground, growing up towards the sun, as if they long to be let free from the confines of the soil.  In the fall the leaves float from the trees and cover the field with browns, yellows, and reds, signaling the start of winter.
May 08
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"If there’s one thing I could say for sure"

If there’s one thing I could say for sure
I would talk about how the world is pure
I would hope that people find their love
And never lose sight of what lies above

We live on a planet unknown to us
For we have only lived here for little months
We think we can call this place our home
But all we really know is that we roam alone

We hope to find others who are just like us
We share our thoughts, then we share our trust
But we are all alone in our own heads
And we all weave with our own thread

We fight, we hate, we love, we debate
But in the end we are all have a fate
To live, to learn, to love, to die
To fly away into the sky

If there’s one thing I could say for sure
I would be silent
May 01
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A life without love

I have very few memories of you. I’m sure you would rather have it that way. You left me and never looked back. I don’t know how you could have done that, left me all along in this world with nothing. Leaving me in the hands of strangers. And I know you tried to never think of me, afraid to come back to see if someone had wanted me, afraid to even look at me again. Just to let you know, no one wanted me, so I was forced to grow up alone, with no parents or even a family. I know you didn’t want me to suffer, but I did. And now I will probably never forgive you.

One of the women who works at the orphanage has told me stories of the day you dropped me off. You handed me over and left. Never looking back.