Aug 17
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Author Talk: Highlights

On Aug. 16, the YWP Book club and a few site users sat around a laptop to talk to published author Dan Gemeinhart. He's published YA novels like Some Kind of Courage — the book the book club read — and The Honest Truth. Dan had a lot to say about writing, and we wanted to share with you a few highlights. 
Aug 16
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Live Stream Into the YWP Party

Can't make it to the YWP Party Author Talk with Dan Gemeinhart, author of Some Kind of Courage? Don't worry! You can live stream in to ask the author all of the writing questions you want at 6:00 pm TONIGHT. 

If you can make it down here in person, that would be the BEST (we have food and comfy chairs and a writing activity) — but some of you live over two hours away. Live stream in by using the video service Blue Jeans. Click this link — — join as a guest, and choose whether or not you want video and audio or just audio for your call. 

Dan, a published author, is ready to take your questions. Hope to see you all at the YWP Office in Burlington, VT (directions HERE). If you can't make it, we hope to see you virtually. 

Aug 16
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YWP Party and Author Talk! Thank You!

We at YWP were thrilled to have a video conference and book talk with special guest author Dan Gemeinhart on August 16.

The YWP Book Club has been reading his book, Some Kind of Courage, and we had a party to celebrate finishing the book! 

Learn more about Dan and his work HERE. 

AND GUESS WHAT? We'll have more Author Talks in the future!! Stay tuned. And stay reading!
Aug 07
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Week Three Reading — YWP Book Club

It's that time again – the activities for Week Three of reading have been posted on the YWP Book Club page! 

The YWP Book Club is reading Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart. This week, we will be reading chapters 14 - 19 (read through 19) from August 7th to August 12th. The activities are up, and the chat room is always open for us to talk about books. 

A post will be coming SOON about the Author Talk with Dan Gemeinhart on happening on August 16th in the YWP office in Burlington, VT. The post will include more details and information. Everyone is invited!

Keep on reading! Remember to chat with your fellow readers about the book. 

[Photo Credit: Chelsea Somerset, YWP Photo Library]
Aug 02
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Summer of Stories Revamped

Due to popular demand, we have UPDATED the last three weeks of Summer of Stories. Check out all of the new prompts for the last week HERE. 

The themes of the last three weeks used to be narrative poetry, performance writing, and experimental poetry respectively. NOW, we have changed the themes to a poetry blitz week, a genre week (we'll be writing to genres like fantasy, horror, and more), and a week where we have taken our favorite Summer of Stories prompts and put a new twist on them! 

We hope you all will be writing with us! Not only are the prompts fun, but you might even get sent chocolate for participating. You may even see your piece in our special Summer of Stories edition of The Voice. 

Keep writing!

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Jul 31
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Week Two Reading — YWP Book Club

Week Two of reading is finally upon us! 

The YWP Book Club is reading Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart. We have finished section one, and for Week Two, we are reading chapters 8 - 13 from July 31st to August 6th. To look at the schedule and see the new ACTIVITIES for Week Two, click HERE

You can still get the book and catch up to us! Go out and get your copy of Some Kind of Courage today. 

Remember, the author, Dan Gemeinhart, will be joining us via Skype for a PARTY here at YWP on August 16th. Go to the YWP Book Club page for more information. 

Happy reading! 

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Jul 29
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Poetry Slam July 29th

Need a way to spend your Saturday on July 29th at 6:00pm? Feeling creative? Spend your time at the poetry slam at the Aldrich Memorial Library in Barre, VT! Pizza will be served at 6:00pm, and registration will start at 6:30pm. (Note: you must enter the library through the back door.) 

Not a poet? Don't panic! Performers such as musicians, comics, magicians, choral groups, and bands are welcome. No matter what you are performing, it must be original work, or an attributed cover. Hope to see you there! 

[Photo Credit: Matthew Filipowicz] 
Jul 28
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Poetry Slam July 28th

Are you free on the 28th of July at 7:00pm? Do you live in the South Pomfret, VT area? If so, come to a GREAT poetry slam put on by the Bookstock Literary Festival at the Artistree Community Arts Center. Not a poet? That's completely fine! Performers such as musicians, comics, magicians, choral groups, and bands are welcome. 

You'll have five minutes on stage to perform original work or covers for the judges that are picked randomly from the audience. You may even win a modest prize! Come and perform July 28th at 7:00pm at Artistree 2095 Pomfret Road, South Pomfret. Registration starts at 6:45pm. 

[Photo credit: Michael Rehfeldt] 
Jul 21
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YWP Book Club: Author Talk

On August 16th, the YWP Book Club will be hosting an author talk with Dan Gemeinhart! He is the author of the first novel the club is reading together, Some Kind of Courage. The YWP Book Club will be reading his novel from July 24th - August 16th. On the 16th, the club will have a party here at the YWP office in Burlington, VT, where he will be giving us a Skype call to talk about his book, and writing! 
Jul 17
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