Oct 12

Torn and Ripped Apart

I fell on the gravel
In the middle of the road
And just laid their alone

It was weird cause all I did was trip
But I could see that my scarf was ripped

So I took it off
And I started to shake
And suddenly I was really awake

I was scared and started to scream
And for once you could hear me

I was stunned
And wanted to speak
Because for once I didn't feel weak

I threw that dirty old scarf away
And confidently approached the new day

But then I saw I was wrong
To throw the scarf down
Onto the ground

I ran away as fast as I could
They told me to stay quiet like I always should

I searched for my scarf
Dirty and torn
And five days later I could have sworn
That I had always worn
That scarf
Sep 25

I've Always Wondered What Makes a Good Poem

Jun 27

Once Again

Emotions are hard to convey.
I guess I learned that the hard way

I would rather not say what I've been through,
Even if it means you'll go through it too

I can tell you it hurts in different ways
And to heal it can take days

But do not fear the future, my dear
Cause love and good memories will always appear

So Farewell, my dear friends, I'll see you again,
When summer has finally come to an end

May 26

A Forgotten Voice

Sometimes I just want everyone to just shut up
They all just make excuses to make themselves feel better
To make sure they are better than you in every aspect.
 You keep quite cause its hard to fight back
And when you do, you seem to lose value
But you still try to speak up.

Eventually speaking up starts to become useless
Because people stop caring,
People stop listening.
Then you listen.
But that becomes painful.
You want to scream but your voice has been forgotten

I used to think that I would never lose my closest friends,
But now they seem to find new, better ones
And the worst part is
You have to fit into a certain group.
When you are an all-around person you seem to miss things that happen in the groups,
And those things start to push you away from the rest
You start to feel lost and forgotten
May 12

A Forgotten Moment of Peace

This morning I saw how the wind blew over the grass
And you have no idea how much I wanted that moment to last

It was peaceful like nothing had ever occurred
and quite like nothing but the birds had stirred

I wanted to stay there and watch the day end
so my mind could rest and my heart could mend

But I have to keep walking no matter how broken I am
Even with these forgotten dreams and doors that only slam
Apr 29

Standing in the rain

I like standing in the rain.
It makes me feels free
It makes me feel like no one can see me

I like standing in the rain
Cause it gives life to the world
Cause it feels like nothing has occurred

I like standing in the rain
Cause it makes me want to go flying
Instead of dying 
I like standing in the rain
Cause no one can see me crying
Apr 28

Worst Day of My Life

This is the worst day of my life

First, the sun disappears
Then the stars fade away
And the moon won't stay
And the rivers are filled with tears

My hands are shaky 
My hands are stained
And for six months it hasn't rained

The blood can't wash out
And my heart still can't heal
I tell myself this isn't real, 

But without a doubt 
This is the worst day of my life,
With a bloody knife 
In your hands
Apr 27

I'll Forgive and I'll Forget

I see you with two of my best friends
I'll be honest, I get a little angry. 
You're wanting to go out with them on weekends 
And I just wait here staring blankly

It's taken me too long to notice 
That I really care about you.
I hope our friendship is not hopeless
But I guess losing one, for me, isn't new

Life is cruel
But that's ok,
Cause even if to you I'm not a jewel
I have other things to stay brave
Apr 27

The Ego of Some

You still hate me, and I still love you
Though my soul is too dark, through and through

Shadows may follow with devils behind
But they can not shatter my already cold mind

So let me help you and guide you through fear
So that doubt and anxiety will not appear

I gave you time and you have crumbled away
Because you did not listen to what anyone would say

You now love me, and I now hate you
Cause my soul is still dark, through and through
Feb 27

Take a Look Around You and Change

They always say the same things
"That will make you crazy"
"If you don't want to get suicidal thoughts put that phone away"
"It's your technology that's making you like this"
But you know what
It's not
That is what has kept me alive for so long

Every day I have to listen you destroying the world ones step at a time
Every day I have to listen you destroying humanity ones day at a time

I try to cover my eyes
Praying, hoping the nightmares will go away
But they haven't

I try to cover my ears
Hoping, praying the screams will disappear
But they've gotten worse

Every day I go through the same old procedure
Wake up, go to school, lose a part of myself, get home, scream
I struggle to find a time to rest my mind and heart
I look to my friends
You are making them change
You are tearing them apart just like you're tearing me apart