Oct 28

Cold When It's Warmer

Oct 28

Life as a Blessing, or a Curse?

Oct 28

I Still Want To

Oct 28

A Poem of 2 Things

Did you see the leaves fly through the sky
Did you see the dirt constantly fly by

Did you see the wind weave through the tall grass
Did you see the trees bend so no one  could pass

Did you hear the howls, like the cry of a ghost
Or did you hear the screams of children with toast

Did you notice that that line didn't fit
Did you notice that the poem lost its spirit

Ok I'll stop now, but make you think will I
Where does the wind go, when it reaches the sky
Oct 28

Faster Than Us

Leaves change colors, but faster than us
People change spirits, but faster than the world
The world grows life, but faster than the universe
The universe is vast and empty, but more than my soul
Oct 24

The Wind Blew

Oct 22

It Was Easy to Lie

It was easy to lie
Cause I didn't have to tell them

It was easy to cry alone
Cause they didn't know

It was easy to suffer
Since they had their own problems

It was easy to save them 
Since all I had to do was give up

It was hard to let go
Cause that meant I can't go back

Oct 19

So can I

Oct 19

The Dream of a Miss

I had a dream last night
Somebody missed me
It was after a fight 
And before a long flight

I don't know what it means
Maybe someone does miss me 
While I sit down under the ash tree
and the sun is split through the leaves
Oct 16

I can't miss the sun

When will the day come when I can dance in the rain again
They never gave me a clear answer so I always ask when

People always want to see the sun cause it makes them smile
But for it to rain it always takes while

Shouldn't we cherish something that is rare
And make the earth seem like it's fair 

I don't get why people can't understand that without rain, 
there would be no life