Oct 04


I'm free of this curse, and the ghosts
I almost let it get to me, almost
But a very close friend helped me
And finally, I was able to see
That I didn't have to feel this empty
Sep 20

Tired of everything

I'm tired of this
I'm tired of that
I'm tired of misses 
I'm tired of hits
I'm tired of reading
I'm tired of watching
I'm tired of running
I'm tired of walking
I'm tired of rain
I'm tired of shine
I'm tired of school
I'm tired of home
I'm tired of light
I'm tired of dark
I'm tired of white
I'm tired of blue
And the whole rainbow too
I'm tired of water
I'm tired of fire
I'm tired of being with friends
I'm tired of being alone
Somebody help me

But you can't...

You don't know where I am...

And you can never find me...

Because I am lost...

And can never be found....again

Aug 09
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How to Fix Your Problems

Aug 09

I Can't Remember the Last Time

Aug 09

Our Mark

We all have made our mark—
Some so unique it's hard to see—
Some—it's hard to let be—
But those marks leave time in an arc—

My mark is different too—
It's small but it is also huge—
My mark doesn't need urge—
Before it comes—it might start a new—

I wait and wait—but do not Stir
I know it has to come—
Maybe not now or forever—
But it will come in a blur

Aug 09

The Alps

I start to climb the rocky side
In hopes of finding sparkling snow.
All the people scatter and hide
In the playful homes below.
I gaze and gaze then smile with glee
Since I have made a new memory.

A summer breeze that turns to wind
And howls past my icy ears.
My glazing eyes have not been dimmed
With a sun that calms my fears.
Where I stand I've found some snow
The colors of the valley glow.

My time is up, I must walk down,
To the cozy cabins I go
The cabins form a tiny town
Which gaze up at the glistening snow.
The sky turns dark with clouds so grey
But it has been a bejeweled day.

My dreams are mounted with the Alps
My eyes are still wide and bright.
the snow in summer still does melt
My dreams are sweet and full of light.
The stars above the heavenly sky
Know that I have said good-bye.

Jun 27

I Will Love Everything Someday

If I said you were my everything
would you hug me everyday 
and would we travel everywhere, everyway
then would everyone know how to love everything?

But to you, I'm a nobody
To you, I do not exist 
Everyone knows to not love
and I will not stand for this

I will rise again 
I will become a somebody
and everyone will learn to love something 
and I know that everything will have someone to love them

Jun 26

The Story of Nova

    "Two swords clashed against each other. Sparks flying everywhere" 
That's what I wish my story would begin with, but I guess my story will have to begin with...

    In the beginning, there was only an end. It was the beginning of a new era, but the end of a world. That's right you heard me. It was the end of a world. My world that is. It's not like my emotional world and all my self-esteem and confidence ended, but the world LITERALLY ENDED! And it wasn't even my fault.
    Now you might be wondering "If it's the end of the world how are you still telling this story?" Well, my friend, if I can call you that. Can I call you that? You know what I'm just gonna call you that. 
Jun 24