Jun 23

Far Away

I want to fly far away
To a dream or some other place
But this world says I must stay
But all my hopes, I will still chase

My world is a paradise 
inflicted by darkness
Half now covered in ice
 Evil takes gain of our starkness

I want to see it again
The paradise I mean
At least every now and then,
When it was protected by the Queen

I never knew who the Queen was,
But she gave life to the paradise 
And even so, it was said she had her flaws
Which made her also not suffice

No one blamed her though
Because it was all our duty 
I mean how was she to know 
That our world would become sooty

I will save it some day 
Maybe when I've forgotten 
When this world has turned dark and gray
And every living thing rotten

I will remember my paradise 
And fight for it again
No one will pay the price
Jun 22

The Puddle on 5th Street

Jun 22

The Tree of Life

The tree of life
Has started to die
From the cut of a knife 
It has withered and dried

The bark is cut
The leaves brown as dirt
The squirrels with no nuts
And the roots have been hurt

Death took over
Walls covered with blood 
With a three leaf clover
Soaked in the mud

I don't really know
How long it will take
For it again to snow
And life to grow by the lake

Jun 17
fiction 0 comments challenge: It

The Difference of Magic

          There is always someone who needs help. in this case, it was me. I felt trapped in my own reality. I couldn't feel love so, I felt alone. I had friends...Apparently. I had a family, and a bed to sleep in, but I still felt lonely and incomplete. 

          I always cry myself asleep at night, praying that tomorrow would be better. That I would finally find myself in this mess of a world....But I never did. Every day was the same thing. Wake up, go to school, come home, have anxiety, then sleep. But then everything changed one day.

          I was about 14 when I discovered magic. It was something I could really enjoy and feel good about doing. It made me feel complete. I can't remember what kind of magic I studied but it changed me. The hole in my heart started to fill and I could finally feel happy being around my friends.
Jun 16

The Power of Difference

A single teardrop falls to the ground
Then the rain starts pouring all around

Every heart is different you see
And every lock needs a different key

Just like every snowflake is unique
And every person is differently weak

Differences make this world greater
That's also why we need a translator

No one can understand everyone
Even so, no one should be shunned

Someday this world will have peace
And war will always seem to cease

Then no tears will have to fall to the ground
And the rain only has to drizzle all around

Jun 15

A Girl Who Loves the Sea

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved the sea. Every day she would walk down to the ocean to watch the waves roar. She would just stand for hours and just watch and watch. The townspeople called her crazy, weird, and boring. Her parents worked a lot so they weren't around much to keep her company. 
Months and months past. The only thing the girl did was watch the waves. She became older and older, but all she did was watch the waves. 

One day the girl went missing. No one could find her. The townspeople looked everywhere but could not find her.  Weeks past and the girl was still nowhere to be found. 

Then, one day a boy was walking along the beach and saw the girl. He waved and she smiled. The boy ran over to the girl and stood next to her for a minute.

"What do you see in the ocean?" asked the boy

"Something amazing,"

The boy turned to the waves and finally saw what she saw. 
Jun 15

Somewere, Somehow

I wanna go somewhere with someone, 

Somehow, someday, I will get there someway.

Who cares if it's somewhat hard.

Sometime I'll get there, and sometimes I'll fail

But with that someone, I will get somewhere, somehow

And when I get there, I will finally get some peace
Jun 15

I Want To Go Home

"I want to go home," I whispered,

I hoped that God could hear me, but he just stared, distracted by something else.

"I want to go home," I said,

I wanted to so badly, but I couldn't. I was gifted, privileged, had friends, had a shelter to live in,

I had everything so why should God grant my wish.

"I want to go home!" I cried,

Everything was there, but everything was here too.

Most people would want fame, money, fortune but all I wanted was to go home.

"I want to go home!" I yelled

I didn't know what was at home but there was something that I had always treasured there.

It made me feel complete and happy.

"I want to go home!" I screamed, 

Tears were streaming down my face, yet God would not answer 

He still ignored me, still distracted by something else

"I want to go home," I whispered 
Jun 14

I Wonder When Man Will Realise

I wonder when man will realize that it has destroyed too much.
I wonder when man will realize there is nothing left to conquer.
I wonder when man will realize that it is too late to keep living.
I wonder when man will realize to look farther than there own greedy desires. 
I wonder when man will realize that war is not the answer.
I wonder when man will realize that peace is too far to reach.