Feb 21

To Be Honest...

I'm an honest person, and when I see something that's not okay, I point it out -
is what I told my English teacher yesterday afternoon in the hallway as I stood up to him for grading me unfairly on my recent poetry project. His mouth formed a perfect O, and he knew I was in the right about the whole incident.

It's good to be honest. More people need to say what they think. Otherwise they might not get that promotion at work, or they might find themselves surrounded by people who annoy them. Honesty is the best policy. I stand by that.
Jan 13

October 10th

Yesterday was Yom Kippur &
someone fueled by hate
went to a synagogue
with the intention to hurt.

One of the girls in my class is Jewish,
and today she pulled out her prayer book 
that she had been holding to her chest all day
to read the mourning prayer to everyone.

She said that since she heard the news,
that prayer book had stayed close
to her. She told everyone that
it made her feel better,
reminded her of forgiveness,
and God.

And I thought that
I wished I had a prayer book
of my own 
and a God of my own
to guide me like this girl
was guided by her faith.

I thought, it sounds nice
to always have a hand to hold.

Jan 13

December 30th

Winter has just now begun,
but my salad tasted of the
sunny depths of summer - 
those shadows can't be seen.

Somehow every day my
bed becomes a little
rougher and my
mind longs for sleep.

(Though I
still find myself 
in the middle of the night.)

The skin covering
my legs & arms has become
rough and tired. This is
the weather, or something else?

And the tree outside my
window has been trapped in ice
for two days now, casting a deep & dark
everlasting shadow into my room.
Jan 13

To be a Bird

Oct 07

Last Winter - WOW

Sep 12

An Assortment of My Thoughts

Aug 24

The Middle Zone

Summer is coming to its final pages, and
I'm stuck in this in-between place
where my brain is telling me to
keep walking along this straight line,
never looking back,
while my heart thinks I should
stay right here, in August,
and never face forward.

This middle zone has me wanting those
fat, heavy tears to fall
down the sides of my face –
the never-ending kind that makes
my cheeks hot & my mouth as dry as sand.

I wish I never came to the middle zone.
Aug 07

Under A Rainstorm

The sound of a rainstorm hitting 
my roof is the humid
scent of tomorrow morning's flowers.

A rainstorm composes its own song,
stringing together a different melody 
each minute -
never completely sure of which way to go
(lower or higher).

Rainstorms are dewdrops on
the deep green leaves and
soaked tree trunks.

Under a rainstorm,
things feel new.
May 16

Got Me

I am as controlled
as two scoops of ice cream
teetering on top of 
their small cone on
a hot summer night
when I am around you.

I am the quick melting of
the ice cream- 
going, going, gone-
when I see those eyes
and hear those slick-like-honey
words as they tumble out
of your mouth.

Love Potion No. 9,
you've got me in
your hand that
reaches out to hold
mine, as natural as the
sun rising.

You are all sugar,
like maple syrup,
coating everything
in your goey-sweet love
that kept me up
tonight and will
leave me with dreams,
dreams that won't
satisfy until you
relent and agree
that I got you,
and you got me,
got me good.

May 08

Epistle for my Cat

Dear Kitty,

I think you are part of the glue that
holds my family together. So thank you
for that. Otherwise
we wouldn't have a silly cat
to make us laugh when we all get
mad at each other.

Thank you for sleeping next to me
when I'm sad, and doing funny tricks
when you want a treat.

Thank you for being more of a dog,
and greeting me at the door everyday
when I come home from school (unless
you are asleep in the sunshine. Then you
are being a cat.)

I'll never meet a cat as dumb & clever &
happy & crazy as you. Thank you
for being my cat.

your owner