May 08

Epistle for my Cat

Dear Kitty,

I think you are part of the glue that
holds my family together. So thank you
for that. Otherwise
we wouldn't have a silly cat
to make us laugh when we all get
mad at each other.

Thank you for sleeping next to me
when I'm sad, and doing funny tricks
when you want a treat.

Thank you for being more of a dog,
and greeting me at the door everyday
when I come home from school (unless
you are asleep in the sunshine. Then you
are being a cat.)

I'll never meet a cat as dumb & clever &
happy & crazy as you. Thank you
for being my cat.

your owner

May 08

three poems of poems

May 08

A Tanka

May 08

Acrostic Poem of me

Can’t figure out
How to write (finely)
An acrostic poem involving myself, and only myself, without
Rethinking each
Over and over again.
Time passes by, but
There is no sign of
Even the first line.

Listing hobbies might get me somewhere, so
I’ll give it a shot:
Not sailing, but
Driving is fun, though I’m not old
Enough to drive legally.
No, I don’t think this is working.

Don’t go, keep reading! Stay and see these last few lines,
Only three more! We can lie down in the grass and count the
Dreamy clouds that circle overhead as we fall into happy
Dazes, the
Sun shining down on our faces.

May 08

Have you ever heard toads singing?

Apr 30

The Bright Side

**This is a found poem that I made from the book Free Verse by Sarah Dooley**

It’s morning,
The kind with red sunrise. And
the sky leans low and the sun
comes out.

The mountains are dotted with trees
greener than green. Clouds wisp by.
We’re walking in a high meadow–
there are flowers.

Under the blanket of summer bugs,
we spin around, laugh like happy people.
There is faraway laughter, wedging itself
into my heart.

Jan 16

Ode to my Tarot Card Reading

You must be telling the
truth. The absolute,
complete truth.

But of course,
you are nothing but thirteen
cards that I chose at random.

Should I really put
all of my trust in you?

I suppose
that we will have to wait --
it’s only 53 days, after all --
to see if I should trust
a deck of cards again.

I sincerely hope
that you are right
and I am wrong
that your predictions
of my wonderful year to come
are 100% hard facts.

Thank you for your time,
my cousin’s friend’s tarot cards.
Jan 16

Ode to my Mattress

Dearest Memory Foam Mattress,

I hope you know how much
I admire and love you. You
keep me comfortable when I
dream the dreams I won’t
remember at all when I wake
up the next morning


I know that sometimes it
may not seem so, but I
appreciate you with all
of my heart. When I return
from a trip, your presence
is ubiquitous in my mind &
all I would like is to lie
down in my own bed,
with my own wonderful,
soft mattress.

I love you.

Your sleepy dreamer,
Dec 13


when the birds sing and
the sun is hot
and the trees are green-
I'm going to take a bath.

I'll scrub myself clean
to the point
where my skin will have
no memories left.

The skin that covers my arms,
legs, stomach, chest,
back, neck, and hands,
will be soft once more.

One day
I will be clean of this chapter.
Nov 03

Red Priest

They dance over the audience,
like two marionette dolls that play
their own instruments too. 

Two others are left on stage. They are
unable to move. 
Rooted down, through the floor, into the earth
all the way to where Antonio Vivaldi lies dead.

They make jokes at each other with their eyes
and play their tiny flutes into each other's ears.
They parade around us, traversing
to where they please.

I am transfixed, enamored, bewitched by these
gypsy musicians. They take the audience
and spin us into a mystical land.

We willingly follow them with wide eyes
and open mouths.

These people are magical.
I am convinced that they must be witches,
for I have never heard a sound as wonderful
as what my ears are witnessing tonight.

They are like marionette dolls,
floating around the audience,
picking us up one by one
taking us away from reality.