Aug 29

Flower Cottage

Jul 14

Individual Particularity

In my room I have my 
bed, books, and my dresser, plus 
my desk, which contains 
a long drawer & a smaller drawer, 
the former of which holds many 
valuable items–

One is my notebook, 
I write not everything, but 
many things in it, and I 
try to push myself to show 
who I am, which usually
feels bothersome & impossible. 

I wish that others would
be more particular about
themselves, and I guess I mean it would
be nice if people thought about why
they are who they are more often. 
We live such turbulent lives.

Jul 05


During times like this, all I need is that feeling of diving down deep under the water & into the infinite depths of a book which tears your heart open and leaves it strewn about in pieces on the ocean floor.
Jul 05

My Pepper Plant

Jul 05

Midsummer nostalgia

It makes me think
of blueberries.

Warm lake water & the 
occasional rainstorm–

Dried out tall grass bursting
with ticks who want to catch
a ride; we walk anyway.

Blueberries. Baked in a pie,
hand picked, devoured
in a week. A weak attempt
to parch thirst.

Heavy, fat clouds hanging low.
Silly chickens
clucking to each other.

Makes me nostalgic.
Apr 10

That Bucket Which Tipped (I'm Sorry)

Feb 21
essay challenge: WHO-Contest

To Be Honest...

I'm an honest person, and when I see something that's not okay, I point it out -
is what I told my English teacher yesterday afternoon in the hallway as I stood up to him for grading me unfairly on my recent poetry project. His mouth formed a perfect O, and he knew I was in the right about the whole incident.

It's good to be honest. More people need to say what they think. Otherwise they might not get that promotion at work, or they might find themselves surrounded by people who annoy them. Honesty is the best policy. I stand by that.
Jan 13

October 10th

Yesterday was Yom Kippur &
someone fueled by hate
went to a synagogue
with the intention to hurt.

One of the girls in my class is Jewish,
and today she pulled out her prayer book 
that she had been holding to her chest all day
to read the mourning prayer to everyone.

She said that since she heard the news,
that prayer book had stayed close
to her. She told everyone that
it made her feel better,
reminded her of forgiveness,
and God.

And I thought that
I wished I had a prayer book
of my own 
and a God of my own
to guide me like this girl
was guided by her faith.

I thought, it sounds nice
to always have a hand to hold.

Jan 13

December 30th

Winter has just now begun,
but my salad tasted of the
sunny depths of summer - 
those shadows can't be seen.

Somehow every day my
bed becomes a little
rougher and my
mind longs for sleep.

(Though I
still find myself 
in the middle of the night.)

The skin covering
my legs & arms has become
rough and tired. This is
the weather, or something else?

And the tree outside my
window has been trapped in ice
for two days now, casting a deep & dark
everlasting shadow into my room.
Jan 13

To be a Bird