May 02
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A Deap Dark Passage

               I slowly walked down the ancient stairs, caked with spider webs and riddled with holes created years upon years ago. The stairs, as previously stated are ancient, and the noise they often created reflected that, with each step the screeching seemed to amplifying in volume reaching an apex I thought impossible for stairs to make. The sound made me question my reasons for even attempting entering my grandfather's ancient basement but nonetheless I continued through, swatting a spider web over head I glanced downwards into the basement, lit only by an ancient light surrounded by moths, the light produced by said light hardly stretched to the boundless walls of the basement which were equally as cracked and ancient as the previously mentioned light and stairs if not more so. It startled me to think that the structural integrity of my grandfather's house rested upon these feeble old walls.
Jan 05
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             The conversation was muffled through the plastic walls of the RV but of course that didn't prevent us from hearing most of the words, the words that both terrified and intrigued us. By us I mean me and my brothers, we lived in a trailer park in Houston Texas and with the sweltering heat there wasn't much to do other than walking around looking for rumors. Where we were there seemed to be a nearly endless supply with people cheating on their wives and other deeds that our community didn't look to kindly upon. But, the words that we heard that day were new to us, “We’ll take him out back and put a bullet in his head, They'll all think it was a hunter or sumtin’.
Sep 21
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The power plant continued to belch chemicals into the sky and it seemed to have no end, what was once a beautiful marsh had become ravaged by the forces of industrialism. A marsh that was once inhabited by animals of all kinds had become a home for merely cockroaches and whatever waste the power plant dumped out. A pickup sat in the once beautiful marsh, it had been there for ages to the point where it had developed enough rust that one could no longer guess it’s original color, as if as a slap in the face to mother nature no had bothered to touch it much less remove it from the marsh.