May 16
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Stand your Ground

    Stand Your Ground

Be the you-you always wanted to be, Call the shots and always be queen.
Always on top, never in between.
Keep your record clean.
Show them that you can be seen.

Appearances aren't who you are
Big styles, red car, chillin’ in a bar,
I don't play that role,
Go big or go home,
Hell nah, that ain't who we are.
Mistakes aren't what make you,
Who gives a ****why they hate you,
Call me a sinner,
But I don't think its right,
To put on this brave face
But drop it by night.

Ain’t nobody keepin’ me down, bring your ego I’ll drive it to the ground,
You ain't all that cool, just another pink bikini sittin’ by the pool,
All you guys with girls, too damn chicken to bring her home,
Talking with your sexy voice, Nah man don’t play dumb

Skippin’ stones across the river,
Drivin’ after dark,
Stayin late past curfew
Dec 10
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I'm not sure

I know that I'm always loud, obnoxious, and disappointing,
I know that i'm not pretty,
I know that i'm not funny,
I know that I'm not perfect.

I like who I am. 
People like me,
I have a wonderful family,
and i am loved.
That doesn't change anything. 

I am sad, and hurting and angry.
Im angry at them, at you, at myself.
I hurt everyone I love, 
I make it so they can't love me back.

I hide, 
I hide and I run away from my problems.
I have family issues, not bad,
I have relationship issues,
and I am absolutely terrified.

I am scared that my siblings will find out I am a fraud, I am scared that one of these days I will hurt myself to the point of no return, I am scared to trust anyone because they might hurt me like one person did.

I am scared, hurting, lonely in a room of people, depressed, angry, but I am me

And I am alive.

Dec 10
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Only Five

I hear the announcement over the PA.
I can't bring myself to decide.
If I go with the puppy he will have a home, a family, and can grow up with me.
He will run,play, and be happy.

If I go with the older dog he will be a lot of work,
he's blind, deaf, and has arthritis. 
He doesn't have a family anymore, he needs me.

But which one?
Or needs love?

I lean over and unlock the door.
I carefully put the leash on him and lead him to the counter.
The woman behind the counter looks at me like I made the wrong decision,
I know that this was the right choice.
The old boy smells my leg and lays at my feet. 
This is what I need.
The old dog that fits my old soul.

Oct 15
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Everyday About Us ( PT 2)

Only 1 or 2 more parts to come. Enjoy!

I realize that he called me by my nickname. I turn to yell at him but he’s already pulling out of the parking lot, alone. I finish my shift, grab my bag, and head to school. When I go inside i put my board into my locker and head into my first class, on my way i hear some girls talking about how one of them got laid and i roll my eyes.  I sit down at my desk alone and wait. I realized that twenty minutes had passed and we had no teacher so we walked out into the hallway, it seemed like no one had a teacher today. There was no staff member in sight so everyone cheered and before I knew it everyone was leaving. I grabbed my board and went out the South Wing exit, that's normally where all the drug addicts were and there were no cameras out that wing so everyone got away with everything.
Oct 15
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Everyday About Us ( PT 1)

I have been working on this forever. This is only part one. Enjoy! ( And yes it's long)

I grabbed my bag off my bed and my skateboard from in front of the door and took off into the dark of night. With my earbuds in and music blaring I skate from my house down the road and to the club. The street lights are the only thing visible with the moon hidden behind the clouds. I get lost in the music, the beat, the timing, the bass, the vocals, everything engulfs me. I go through 4 songs in my playlist and I arrive. The club, the teen hangout for Grainger County, all four schools hang out here, and here is where I can be me.
Oct 08
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He Was Here

It had been a long time but now he was here. He looked out of the window to the small almost extinct town. With doubt in his head the large bus screeched to a halt in front of a shack type bus stop. With a deep breath he steps off and steps into the dirt road. Sunglasses on and bag and jacket over his shoulder. With a small look around he saw his cousins and aunt and uncle and smiles. He was here.

(Inspired by Footloose.)

Sep 26
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Help is the person who may work with you, or talk to you in the middle of the night or be the person who picked up your pencil on the floor. To me help is someone or something that has helped you create your story such as if someone were to come up to me and ask me how my day was, I would have my spirits lifted. Help is the thing that established the world
Sep 20
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His Portrait

His eyes had always calmed my soul before the storm arose. His smile could light up the earth when the sun faded out. His hair was like milk chocolate brown waves, short but curling.  When laughing it felt as if everything in the world was okay. His kindness and gentleness could nurture all living beings. When he spoke it was as if he was connecting with your emotions when around him. Because he was a lot older he would act so mature around everyone but myself, then he would be a goofball with me.  I can remember he had a habit of looking at you when he spoke, he would always be comforting and gentle when I was manic, he has the best sense of humor no matter the situation. I fell in love with all of his flaws, with his personality, his smile and humor, and all of his perfections. If he read this I would be so dead.
Sep 14
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Still water--FICTION

I slip my shoes off and sit down, almost falling onto the old wooden dock. I couldn't control my self. I didn't know what to do. I needed to get out, I needed to be alone now. As I press my feet into the calm bath-like water I can immediately feel my emotions raging again. What am I going to do, who is going to watch my back not that he's gone? I can't keep running if I have nothing to run from, right? What will I do when I have to walk down that aisle but he won't be there every step of the way? I close my fist almost as a reflex. I want to run and hide and never come back to this stupid town ever again. I can't stay here. 
Feb 15
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I Am The One Who Lived

I am the one who apologizes when it’s not my fault,
I let you come to me, even if i want to be mad at you,
I hold your hand through your darkest times and deal with my own second,
I let you know your okay when i know I’m not,
I am the one who needs attention.

I am the one who loves being with friends and family,
I tell jokes all the time,
I read stories to my siblings,
I play with my dog,
I am the one who keeps them happy,

I am the one who has known what I want to do,
I want to be a vet,
I want a normal job,
I want to go to college,
I am the one who has dreams,

I am the one who wants more,
I want to be more,
I want to get good grades,
I want to make you proud,
I want to have hope,
I need affection, but not the bad kind,
I want to see the world,
I am who I am,

I am the one who lives