Jan 10
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Dancing With Betty

When we first met she was shy, an introvert, and mostly kept to herself. She had never talked to a boy before and was scared of me. The next year in 6th-grade things changed. We started hanging out more, and we became best friends. We finished middle school and were more than halfway through high school before she noticed other guys and hung out with me less. We still spent the night at each others house but she was always on the phone with one guy or another. That's when her younger sister began hanging out with us more, only a year and a half, or two grades younger and I had always treated her with the same kind of respect as I did Kelsey, but while Kels was out with guys we hung out at the house and started watching movies. The more Kelsey was with her guys the less time she had for her sister and I. When her sister told me a boy had asked her to the upcoming dance I got protective like any brother would.
Jan 09
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If I had known the truth,
I wouldn't be in this position,
I would be home, in bed,
not sitting in the back of a police car. 

If you had just told me,
I would have a clean record,
I would be at school,
not sitting in a jail cell,

If we didn't go to that party,
I wouldn't be crying,
I would be a teacher,
not waiting for my sentence,

If we hadn't played truth or dare,
I would be happy with my life,
I would be a mom, wife, and grandmother,
not waiting for it to be over,

If I had known they rigged the rope,
I wouldn't have pushed you off,
I would be holding you every night,
not telling my story to the cops over and over,
telling them that I didn't know you would die.

Dec 06
fiction 0 comments challenge: One
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Dialogue- semi- fiction

" I need you to come home."

" No, I mean now. Somethings wrong."

" He won't wake up"


" I'm' scared."


" Is he going to be okay?"

" It's all my fault. I should have checked on him."

" He would be fine. if it weren't for me, we wouldn't be here."

" I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Nov 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Say
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Say- Fiction

One last thing to say,
one last memory with you,
what would I say,
that wouldn't hurt you,

I would say I'm sorry,
for not crying,
for not praying,
for not listening,
for holding on,
for everything,

The memories we shared,
drinking hot cocoa,
feeding the birds,
dancing at weddings,
water gun fights,
late nights,

I would say, I hope you are at peace, and I'm sorry you had to leave so soon.
Nov 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Don't
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Don't- A poem-ish

Don't write on your skin,
for you will get sick

Don't write it in pen,
for the ink won't erase,

Don't say something,
for they may take it to heart,

Don't talk back,
for you may be given another chance,

Don't say no, 
for you may need something in the future,

Don't hold on to the past,
for the past is the past,

Don't be a bully,
for they might need a friend,

Don't be bullied,
for that makes you an easier target.

Don't hold on to anything too tightly,
for it may slip out of your hands...
Nov 07
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am
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I am the one who....

I am the one who you rely on,
the shoulder you cry on,
and the one who makes the bully go away.

I am the one who proves you wrong,
the mom you can rely on,
the friend who saves you a seat,

I am the one who treats you as a human, 
the one who you can tell anything, 
and the one who doesn't let you get hurt,

I am,
your mom,
your father,
your friend,
your sister,
your family,

I am me,
and simply,
i am here.
Oct 27
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Performing advise

I had stage fright and I was supposed to be reading an essay about something I liked. I was having a panic attack and my brother gave me the best advice. He told me to relax, that everyone was just as nervous as me and were just better at hiding it. He told me to learn how not to show fear. It helped, although it sounded rude at first it helped me read and overcome my stage fright.
Sep 28
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Dying Inside / Fiction

It hurts,

All of the pain I feel inside,

you think I want to die,

that may be the truth,

but I can never leave you,

It hurts,

the wall that I hide behind,

it blocks me from the outside,

from the world,

from reality.

It hurts,

going into the world, 

Knowing what I know,

they bring me in,

and I pull myself out.

It hurts,

feeling what i feel inside,

knowing that i want to die

that may be the truth,

but i have to leave you

it hurts,

knowing that im loved,

but i dont love myself,

now is my time,

so im saying


Sep 26
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A love story

    He takes her hand and apologizes for everything. He says he sorry for cheating and he would do anything for her, Tara sits patiently and waits till he is done. When Kyle finishes she takes her hand out of his. He pleads with her to take him back, but she stands up and asks him to leave.
“ What?”
“ Leave.”
“ No, you need to take me back.”
“ No I do not, and if you don’t leave I will call the cops.”
“ You can’t do this. You can’t leave me.It was a mistake.”
“ I just did.” and she walked inside her house and locked the door behind her. He stood there for a few minutes and finally left, stomping like a 2-year-old.
“He’s 17, he can deal with this on his own,” she said. She stopped to think about it. Then she felt her feelings come into play.
Sep 08
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In the mist, the light aglow,
The fireflies put on a show,
They take turns,
To set the world on ‘fire’
Cause in their world,
The light gets tired

In the mist, the light aglow,
Sits a cricket down below,
He hops around,
In the night below
To look for the fire
That puts the light in the grove

In the mist ,
the light aglow
The fireflies put on a show
They take turns
To set the world on’ fire’,
To put to rest,
Their ‘burning’ desire.

In the mist the light aglow,
The cricket finds the show,
He watches as the light gets higher,
And fireflies set the world on fire.

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang)