Jan 17


I am, confused?  I look around me and everyone is so similar.  It's like they're all connected by it in some way.  Everyone in a straight line, all the same and midlessly serving their purpose.  It scares me somehow.   We are all machine made, created for the same purpose.  There is no difference between one another.  Well most of us.  I came in a different color.  They call me a mistake but I disagree.  I can be differentiated from the group of mindless slaves.  All the same, and used for the same thing.  And when they get broken, they will be replaced by someone exactly the same.  I can replaced as well, but with only someone orange.  So I will be remembered.  Unlike all of them.  I will be the one seen from this crowd.  
Jan 11

Love without Love

Synonyms of a word can only go so far
Affection, caring, fondness, endearment
But actions carry for years
A mother, laying her eyes on her child for the first time
A father playing with his kids in the backyard
A boyfriend, asking his significant other to be his forever
A daughter putting a bandaid on a grandfather finger
A friend putting an arm around another and laughing with them
A wife, planning the perfect night for her family
A brother giving a good night hug
A best friend telling another to get some sleep
A couples 50th anniversary
A mother sending her child off to college
A family standing at the bed of a loved one
As they take their last breath
It's not the word itself
Or the definition
It's the actions of people towards others
That make htis word so special, so unique
It's an undescribable feeling
No synonym could describe
Jan 11


“You’re insane!”  Zane yelled from behind me.  

    “I know, isn’t it great?!”  I yelled back, a huge grin spread across my face.  “All I have to do is connect the wires and BOOM! We should be two weeks back in time in no time at all!”  I chuckled as I heard Zane groan, frustrated behind me for the fifth time today.

    “Lola! Just give it up!  There's no way in HELL that you are going to get this time machine to work!  It’s only been used as a teleportation device, and aunt Kate would literally kill you if she knew you were messing around with all this stuff.”  I ignored him and kept fidgeting with wires inside the back panel of the machine.  

    "There is a way, and I AM going to do it."  I narrowed my eyes at the many wires in my hands in concentration.  
Jan 04


       It was a beautiful morning, and nothing was wrong.  And that was the beauty of it.I woke up without the constriction in my chest.  I woke up excited to be awake for the first time in forever.  I still missed the bus that morning, but for once it didn't seem to faze me.  I went to school and laughed.  I laughed harder than I had in the past two weeks.  I smiled so much I thought I'd split my lips.  The day was going great; everyone was happy.  At least for the moment it was happy.  I hoped it'd never end.  I wanted it to never end.  I wanted to stay there.  Wanted to stay with my friends, the strings tying me to the world at that point.  I didn't want to go home.
       But we never get what we want in life.
Dec 08

Of Peasants and Dragons

“Dude we are not asking the dragon for directions.”  My best friend of nine years looked over at me from behind a tree.  I stood in front of the gigantic red scaly body that laid asleep in front of me.  Not really how I imagined my Thursday turning out.  We were sent on a quest from the Queen to kill some wizard guy.  On accident.  Here's how we ended up in this mess.

*2 days earlier*